Software that tackles your unique challenges

DDMSPLUS enables resellers worldwide to access information, analyze operations, improve efficiencies, and grow their businesses through additional business lines and vertical markets, in brick-and-mortar locations, and via ecommerce.

Industry-Specific Features

Streamline purchase orders and vendor communications

DDMSPLUS integrates with all major office product wholesalers, including S.P. Richards™ and Essendent™, to help you be more competitive, improve workflow, and increase your bottom line!

Give customers control of their purchasing

Ideal for winning larger accounts, PunchOut integration gives your customers control over their purchasing activity on your site. PunchOut allows your customers to manage their purchasing and invoicing processes within their internal business software.

Keep track of projects

With DDMSPLUS, you can keep track of every aspect of your business with a 360° view of company operations with real-time business metrics. Track profitability of customers, products, contacts, groups, and employees and analyze the pricing for customers and vendors.

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