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Success Story:
Gumenick Properties

MarkSystems® software elevates homebuilder productivity and customer service

Business Challenges

  • As the business grew, it grew more complex. The company needed a way to unify operations.
  • Importing data from one department to another with incompatible software packages was time-consuming, costly, redundant, and prone to human error.
  • Home drawings and dimensions, customization features, work orders, and what’s been paid for all amounted to a mountain of paperwork.
  • Data back-ups, maintenance, and IT resources for on-premise servers were becoming an increasingly high percentage of company expenditures. 

MarkSystems® maximizes productivity company-wide for Gumenick Properties

Using a single knowledge base, MarkSystems enterprise software supports every function and every team member involved in new home construction. Its modules, work seamlessly to improve builder profitability by maximizing the productivity of each staff member. In other words, today’s MarkSystems-empowered home builder employees are capable of dramatically out producing this industry’s workers of just one decade ago. Which software tools are enabling this enhanced productivity? MarkSystems modules include Sales Office and design Center Solutions, Multi-Company Accounting Software, Construction Scheduling, Contract Management & Material Purchasing, Internet Toolkit, Executive Dashboards, Land Development & Interactive Maps, and Warranty & Customer Service Solutions.

Business Benefits:

  • One enterprise software solution covers everything, from initially tracking a model home visitor through to sales, construction, closing and tracking warranty service tickets.
  • Communication is enhanced through a single, unified platform, which manages and streamlines both internal and external communications.
  • The mountain of paperwork is now all available and instantly accessible online, from any device, by any authorized employee.
  • Staff productivity is dramatically improved, even with a substantially reduced headcount. 30 percent fewer staff members are handling nearly double the homes!

In an industry that depends heavily on accurate communication within the organization, and with customers and contacts,“MarkSystems is the single most important competitive advantage that we have,” Agee says. “In many ways, it’s the lifeline of our business and without it, work at Gumenick Properties would be archaic and chaotic.”

The numbers speak for themselves: Agee joined Gumenick in 2005, and in 2008 the company was closing about 45 homes a year. Headcount stood at around 34 employees. Less than ten years later in 2017, the number of homes it is projecting to close has nearly doubled—to over 70—while headcount stands at just 24. Today, nearly 30% fewer staff members are handling nearly double the number of homes!

Agee says one single, unified platform manages all aspects of home building

Agee knows both Timberline and MarkSystems very well and says, “For a homebuilder like Gumenick, MarkSystems stands head and shoulders above Timberline and any of its competitors. The biggest difference between MarkSystems and its competitors is the way MarkSystems runs everything off a single database. The home building business is incredibly complex and it’s an enormous plus to be able to use a program like MarkSystems that literally covers everything—from initially tracking a prospect when they walk into a model home through to sales, construction, closing and even to tracking warranty service tickets.” Because MarkSystems provides a single, unified platform, there’s never any need to import data from one program to another to see what’s happening in the business, as Agee attests. Information is entered into MarkSystems one time and it automatically flows through the system. The result: real-time updates and problem-free access to insights into financial performance, job costs or any other aspect of the company’s operations.

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