Manufacturing ERP Software

Mobile Production

Untether shop floor workers from terminals and enable them to manage their work through a mobile device, while management monitors worker activity.

  • Provide real-time information in the palms of floor workers’ hands, enabling them to stay on project while staying up-to-the-minute on workflow information.
  • Access job status, job management, and timecards, all in real time and with no paperwork.
  • Select a job for setup or production, and allocate required materials to complete a job.
  • Enable remote employees to clock in and out for the day and record their time on jobs.
  • Mobile inventory lets you perform inventory counts, create sales order picklists, make inventory bin transfers, and material issues from a mobile device.
  • Perform sales activities such as customer management from a mobile device. View and add calls while out on the road.


Prepare for today’s fastest growing digital channels with the web shop and order management solution used by 300+ global e-Commerce companies.

  • Improve customer service and boost revenues, while satisfying short- and long-term business requirements.
  • Support both B2B and B2C e-Commerce.
  • Deliver a satisfying customer experience, no matter where the inquiry or order is placed with a responsive and intuitive design and 24/7 customer access.
  • Available to manufacturing companies in electronics, retail, and CPG.

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