Manufacturing ERP Software

Call and Lead Management

Boost sales and customer service levels by managing communications with prospects, customers, and vendors.

  • Record, assign, track, and prioritize calls to dramatically enhance customer service.
  • Analyze and report on call times for sales, support, and administrative calls.
  • Manage warranties and maintenance contracts and enable your service staff to know when a customer service contract is in place.
  • Create a knowledge base of commonly asked questions and support calls relating to your products and services.
  • Record, progress and manage sales leads from prospective or active customers.
  • Create marketing programs, complete with user defined milestone events to trigger communications.
  • Assign leads to specific marketing programs and make assessments of the programs’ performance.

Document Management

Eliminate guesswork and frustrating searches with a central index that keeps all documents organized and accessible for all users.

  • Specify the stored locations and descriptions of all company documents in a centralized index.
  • Link from the central index to documents in M1 records, including part revisions, part assemblies, and part operations.
  • Automatically transfer related document links when quotes are transferred to sales orders.
  • Includes attachments that are available for most M1 record entry screens, which each have their own specific location links.

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