Manufacturing ERP Software

Shop Floor Entry

Allows production employees to record time, tasks, and data using a variety of input methods to accommodate your business needs.

  • Production employees can record the time spent on specific job operations or indirect tasks including maintenance and cleaning.
  • Application draws production-specific information from the M1 database and returns collected data back to the database.
  • Versatile data entry options include the barcode scanner, mouse, touchscreen and keyboard.
  • Intuitive interface works in the same consistent way, regardless of input method or combination of methods used.
  • Provides Real-time data for employees’ productivity and the status of jobs

Advanced Inventory Management

Unlock powerful inventory management tools to enhance the IM module for complex operations.

  • Adds functionality for warehouse management including multiple warehouses and bins.
  • Keep track of inventory coming from multiple plants.
  • Manage dimensional inventory, multiple part number cross-references, and part alternates.

Advanced Bill of Materials

Enhance the IM module with functionality for revision control, with multiple revisions per part.

  • Add serial number and lot number tracking to the Inventory Management module.
  • Includes additional functionality for change requests, standard cost roll-ups, and part or process find and replace.

Product Configurator

Configure a dimensional or configurable part, using an intuitive design screen based on rules and parameters you define.

  • Even employees with the least amount of product knowledge can configure a BOM, quote, or even a job once the rules and parameters are defined.
  • Generate a part ID, description, and price based on the entered rules.
  • Automatically saves values that have been entered, which can then be viewed or changed, and the part reconfigured accordingly.
  • Build custom screens that allow parts to be configured from quoting, order entry, job entry, and lead entry.

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