Manufacturing ERP Software

KnowledgeSync Alerts & Automation

Hand off projects to a virtual taskforce and spend less time on administration and more time on the critical success factors of your business.

  • Monitor every aspect of your business to ensure processes are running optimally.
  • Trigger alerts according to criteria you specify, so when something important happens, you know about it.
  • Automate pre-defined or customized routine tasks and free managers to focus on critical business success factors.
  • Generate reports based on system events, giving you the information you need to stay ahead of the competition and run a smoother, more profitable business.


Estimate cycle times and material usage for accurate quotes and programming efficiency. M1 calculators include Sheet, Laser, Bar and Punch calculators. Automatically calculate cut, punch or run times, including material usage, positions or rotations.

CADLink Integration

CADLink lets you create M1 Item Master and BOM records identical to engineering CAD data, which reduces manual data entry and errors. Direct integration enables a two-way link between your CAD and M1 means no more exporting or importing of data files.

  • Live data comparison lets you visually review BOM changes before committing to them. Create M1 Item and BOM records identical to your drawings in one click.
  • Discrepancy and error notifications helps you proactively and automatically updates your CAD files and M1 ERP data simultaneously.
  • Single-step process eliminates duplicate manual data entries of engineering data.
  • Search your M1 Item Master live and insert raw material items to your BOM.
  • Generate summary reports in one click to export change report or bill of material in PDF or Excel file format.
  • Use a visual, easy-to-use interface to display data discrepancies, BOM changes and more.
  • Color-coded changes lets you see how changes effect M1 and CAD data.

Advanced Business Reporting

Advanced Financial Reporting is a powerful Excel® spreadsheets add-in, which brings dynamic data from your general ledger into Excel. You have complete control over the design and content of your M1 reports, using Excel’s features and functions. Summary balances and detail drill-downs can be retrieved and manipulated within the desktop tool everyone is familiar with, Excel.

The rapid changes in financial data creates a need for dynamic information. Leveraging spreadsheet functionality with M1 technology, the integrity of critical financial data is maintained. Advanced Business Reporting is intuitive to install and maintain.

  • Eliminate requirement for IT or super-users to create/change financial reports.
  • Combine reporting, account inquiry, and journal inquiry into one application.
  • Publish executive-quality reports from Excel
  • Perform corporate consolidations with instant access to dynamic data.
  • Leverage spreadsheet skills and write reports within minutes.
  • Drill down from within Excel, to ‘live’ ECi M1 GL balances and more.
  • Increase efficiency and timeliness of your budgeting process.
  • No more downloading or re-keying/exporting of spreadsheet data.
  • No staging areas or data warehousing needed.
  • Dramatically reduce number of days to close your books.

NET1 Payment Processing Solution

As the use of cash and check transactions continue to decline in favor of faster, more connected payment forms, businesses of every size are finding the benefits of integrated ERP and payment processing systems.

Integrated ERP and payment solutions improve your business in three ways:

  1. Streamlined and efficient operations
  2. Improved data security
  3. Outstanding customer service

Why over 100,000 merchants select NET1 for their payment processing needs:

  • Free set-up of merchant account and ecommerce gateways
  • Guaranteed lowest overall processing costs
  • Accurate and detailed rate quote with full disclosure of all potential fees or charges
  • No application, programming or setup fees
  • Prompt response from a highly trained merchant consultants
  • All 3 payment processing levels including Level 3 for government agencies and large institutions.
  • One of the highest approval rates in the industry

That's just for starters! Learn how NET1 can save your business money and improve customer service.

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