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May Group
Customer Success Story


"I would recommend M1 to any manufacturer looking to increase throughput, centralize information, and make decisions on the fly."

Kody Flowers, Director of Operations for May Group

Get accurate quotes in minutes


Before M1, May Group used spreadsheets to produce quotes, a time-consuming task that wasn’t always accurate. Now they use M1 Configurator, which automates the process and enables them to produce accurate quotes in minutes.

Run at maximum capacity


May Group uses M1 Scheduling to create a single master schedule, giving them visibility into every job in production, on deck or shipping out. This capability lets May Group run at optimum efficiency and maximum capacity.

Gain business insights in real time


M1 Dashboards gives team members visibility into all aspects of the company in real time. Better insights helped May Group make better decisions, increasing productivity and daily operations.

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