Fort Worth, TX

ECi Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced the continued expansion of its LBM (Lumber, Building Materials) and Hardlines Group, which consists of the Spruce® and RockSolid MAX software, including doubling the size of its Latham, NY office and investing in new hires and product enhancements across the entire group. These additional resources will allow ECi to further support its LBMH customer base.

The accelerated growth of ECi’s LBM and Hardlines Group is indicative of its continued dedication to investing in people and products for the long-term benefit of customers. From development and implementation to sales and customer support, ECi has built up the LBMH team to help customers solve their business challenges. ECi’s LMBH software solutions were built specifically for the industry and help independents compete against national chains by automating time-consuming daily processes and enabling staff to focus on tasks that increase customer loyalty.

In 2015, Spruce Computer Systems joined the ECi family to leverage its scale and resources, thereby augmenting its products and support team. The acquisition increased the momentum within the LBM and Hardlines Group. Since the acquisition, the group has deepened the capabilities of its Spruce and RockSolid MAX software, including offering broader cloud-based access, new state-of-the-art features, mobility options and additional data integrations. These new product developments and enhancements have been driven from customer feedback, as well as the first-hand industry expertise of ECi’s LBMH team. 

John Mauri
John Maiuri, President of ECi’s LBM & Hardlines Group, in the newly expanded Spruce offices located in Latham, NY

“Over the past several years, the LBM and Hardlines Group has experienced exciting changes, growth and success,” said John Maiuri, President of ECi Software Solutions’ LBM and Hardlines Group, Building & Construction Division. “To support this growth, we doubled the size of our Latham office, not just to provide space for our new employees, but to offer additional training and meeting space. It’s our priority to help our customers get the most out of our Spruce and RockSolid MAX software and our team is dedicated to that goal.”