Cambridge, England

ECi Software Solutions Ltd ( today announced that Omega Signs, a sign manufacturer based in Leeds, UK, has selected ECi’s M1 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to replace the systems currently in use by the business. Omega Signs, established in 1992, had a turnover of £15m in 2014. The company supplies corporate branding signage solutions to blue chip clients including major High Street businesses, supermarket chains and other commercial, retail and leisure outlets. Customers include Asda, Mercedes Benz, Waitrose and the Hilton Group UK.

ECi’s M1 solution will provide Omega Signs with a fully integrated manufacturing ERP system that incorporates estimating, finance, production scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), forecasting and shop floor data collection. Omega Signs previously used a variety of software solutions which the business had outgrown, so were looking for an end-to-end, streamlined package that would provide an efficient way to process the wide variety of jobs through every department within the business. In an increasingly competitive environment, Omega felt that having more up-to-date real-time data would help assist them with better production efficiency and production forecasting.

“We had a number of systems and processes employed throughout the company that were time-consuming and costly to maintain,” said Alan Stirling, Finance Director at Omega Signs. “We needed a system to provide a complete view of our business and M1 will enable us to do this. We also needed a solution that would help manage our planned future growth and we’re confident that M1 can do this.”

Omega Signs reviewed various industry ERP systems before selecting M1, citing its experience with similar businesses as one of the key benefits over its competitors. “M1 gives Omega the tools to help meet their business and software needs for many years to come. They have ambitious growth plans over the next few years and their executive team saw M1 as key to helping to achieve their business objectives,” said Peter Mroch, ECi’s Business Development Manager for M1. To learn more about M1, please visit