Serving our LBM, hardlines, and farm supply dealers

Advantage equips dealers with more than 1,800 management tools, integrates with all major co-ops and vendors and offers the features needed to deliver flawless customer service and manage key areas of operation.

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Add-on Solutions

  • Remote Server Backup—ECi Remote Server Backup saves all of your business data to an off-site server daily, protecting you from catastrophic data loss.NET1® Payment Solutions NET1® Payment Solutions
  • NET1—provides fast, efficient credit card processing over the Internet—usually at a significantly lower cost than other payment processors.BlueTarp FinancialBlueTarp® Financial
  • BlueTarp—offers complete financial solutions to make it easy for building materials and hardline dealers to offer credit to building contractors and other commercial accounts.
  • Watcher Total Protection—Watcher Total Protection offers web-based surveillance solutions that allows you to protect your business anywhere, anytime.

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