Buried in Invoices?

We can help with that.


Do you know how much you can save by emailing month-end statements?

If you mail statements it can take you hours or even days to print invoices, stuff envelopes, and apply postage. With an integrated software solution from ECI, you can email statements instead, helping you get paid faster while saving significant time and expense. *

# of Statements Mailed/month

Avg # Invoices per Statement

HOUrs spent on statements

Employee hourly wage


Cost per Statement


Typical cost is $0.10

Cost per Invoice


Typical cost is $0.07

Mailing Cost per Statement


Typical cost is $0.65 ($0.55 postage + $0.10 per envelope)

your potential savings





% of Customers willing to receive emailed statements

NEW total annual savings*


*Based on percentage of customers willing to receive emailed statements

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