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Purchasing 201 Online Syllabus

Monday, June 15 - Friday, June 19, 2020

11 AM - 12 AM ET (Times vary daily)


Course Overview

The Purchasing 201 Online class is focused on providing education on how to leverage MarkSystems to enhance the functions and responsibilities of Purchasing Management. We review basic MarkSystems purchasing procedures through the workflow of setting up a development, and then focus on procedures & tools that are designed to increase efficiency & control in your business.

The success of any construction business depends first on the purchasing department. How much profit the business makes is first determined by how well the business purchases goods.

Course Learning Objectives

The course material has been selected to help fulfill your role as the purchaser in the following ways:

  • Controlling your business “inventory”
  • Controlling costs & profit margins
  • Dialing in budgets
  • Reducing variances
  • Managing a functioning and efficient database.

Course Schedule

Basic Overview and Functionality

  • Development Set-up for Accurate Sales Pricing & Budgets
  • Review of basic Purchasing functions by following the workflow of properly setting up a development or new project
  • Auto-Creating Accurate WO/PO’s by applying a WO/PO Review Process
  • Work Orders vs. Purchase Orders – Controlling costs with each method
  • Use Code – What it is and How to Use It

Sales System and Option Management

  • Applying more control over the Sales System to avoid awkward situations and costly mistakes through the use of:
    • Option Control Groups
    • Auto-Included Options
    • Excluded Options
  • Custom Option Management
  • Managing Site Variables through the use of Area Figures

Performance Analysis and Enhancements

  • Lowering Variances through a House Scrub Process
  • Streamline your database
    • Reports to analyze the market to eliminate under-performing plans and options
  • Multi-Parent Setup – When and How to Use It

Class Agenda

Click here to view the Detailed Course Agenda, including session times.


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