Purchasing 101 Syllabus

Tuesday, April 21 - Thursday, April 23, 2020

9 AM - 12 AM Eastern Time


Course Overview

This three day course is designed for both new and current MarkSystems users who are interested in furthering their knowledge of Purchasing in MarkSystems. The course will provide great detail regarding the management, utilization and best practices of Options, Contracts, and Material Lists along with an overview of how this data flows through the system to the ITK. It will allow for in depth discussions and hands on MarkSystems® exercises with a MarkSystems expert.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Manage and Maintain Base House Budgets
  • Manage and maintain all types of Options and Option Budgets within the System
  • Manage and maintain turnkey pricing through Vendor Contracts
  • Manage and maintain Material Lists and Product Pricing

Materials to Bring

  • Personal Laptop or device
  • MarkSystems login and password already set up
  • ITK Super login and password already set up

Additional Information

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Certification in Purchasing 101. This will be presented by a MarkSystems’ Expert.

Course Schedule

DAY 1:

MarkSystems Overview

  • System demonstration and walkthrough
  • Review MarkSystems basics

Job Cost Introduction

  • Review Cost Codes, Models, Elevations, Elevation Budgets and Origin of Cost Detail

Options Introduction

  • Discuss the difference between Base House Budgets vs. Option Budgets
  • Review the 4 types of Options in MarkSystems
    • Learn how to maintain the Option File and to create Option availability
    • Learn how to maintain Budgets for each type of Option
  • Review the Custom Option Process flow through MarkSystems
    • Learn best practices when using the Custom Option Estimator
  • Review the difference between Color Groups and Color Selections
  • Review selections process for each type of Option in the Sales Office/Design Center

DAY 2:

Purchasing Data Management Best Practices

  • Discuss the difference between Vendor Contracts and Material Lists
  • Discuss the relationship between Parent and Child Companies and Developments

Contract Management Introduction for Work Order Production

  • Learn the details of efficient Vendor Contract setup and maintenance
  • Review Contract Schedule “A” printing
  • Review bidding processes in MarkSystems

Material List Management Introduction for Purchase Order Production

  • Review the purpose and benefit of utilizing Material Lists
    • Learn how to create Base House Material Lists
    • Learn how inheritance can help manage data between multiple legal entities
    • Learn how to set Primary and Alternate Trade Partners by Development
  • Learn how to maintain Product Pricing in MarkSystems
  • Learn how to build Material Lists for Options

DAY 3:

Applying What You Have Learned!

  • Review core concepts to eliminate potential gaps in knowledge
  • Comprehensive Exam based on information learned throughout course
    • Create new model and elevation with full budget
    • Create new option with development sales availability
    • Describe the effects of Stage codes in MarkSystems
    • Describe the relationship between Parent and Child communities
    • Create Parent and Child Contracts, update budgets with those Contracts, release work orders for a house based on these created contracts
    • Create Material Lists in Parent company and Child development with inheritance, input vendor pricing, assign development vendors and produce POs for a house based on these created material lists


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