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Your trusted solution can now be safer, in the cloud!

No costly servers. No time-consuming backups. No worries.
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RockSolid Is Now Cloud-based

Your software, safer!

Upgrade your RockSolid classic software to the ECI cloud and your data will be automatically backed up, hosted offsite, and protected from crippling viruses. No more servers to manage or worries about retrieving data in case of fire or natural disaster. Plus, your workstations are automatically updated, saving you time and headaches.

No costly servers. No time-consuming backups. No worries.

RockSolid Cloud Benefits
Automatic Backups

Eliminate Worry and Save time

Rest Easy Knowing You're Protected

If you are like most RockSolid customers, the backup process is time consuming and stressful. Do you ever forget to run your nightly back up? Is it always kept it safe in a separate location. How often to you test the back ups to ensure they are viable in case of emergency?

With RockSolid Classic in the cloud, your data is backed up automatically and hosted offsite for quick retrieval in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or theft. Save time and reduce worry, while better protecting your business from data disaster.

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Superior Data Protection

Better Protection. Less Worry.

Rest Easy Knowing You're Protected

The consequences of a data breach to a business are numerous and overwhelming. From paying a ransom for your data to notifying your customers and law enforcement, a data breach will consume every minute of your time until resolved and could cost you your entire business.

Moving to ECI's cloud offers superior data protection through strong firewalls, penetration and vulnerability testing, layers of backup, and a practice called “redundancy.” This annual investment is nearly XXX and offers more protectiont than any small business could afford on its own.

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Eliminate Server Expense

Data Protection and Cost Savings

No servers. More savings. Extra space.

Moving your RockSolid POS software to the cloud means no expensive servers to buy and maintain. Investing in cloud technology helps you lower IT costs and overall operational expenses, letting you reinvest the server expense back into other areas of the business.

Plus, you will have more room in your store since you do not have to house an onsite server!

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Disastery Recovery Plans

Disaster Can Strike at Any Time

Business Data Faces More Threats Than Ever Before

Creating a strong disaster recovery plan can help your business survive the worst unexpected scenarios.

An unpredictable physical disaster like a fire, hurricane or flood could damage or destroy key IT
infrastructure. Security threats—like malware or hackers—are more sophisticated, numerous and devastating than they used to be. Plus, individual media, like storage tapes or optical disks are fragile and the infrastructure responsible for performing backup operations can fail for various reasons.

Cloud computing offers a relatively easy, fast and inexpensive way to accomplish your disaster recovery planning goals and make sure your business is protected from unpredictable issues.

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Reduced IT Resource Strain

Save Time and Improve Security

Reduce IT Resource Strain While Better Protecting Your Business

Most RockSolid customers don't have a team of IT professionals available to support their store. Upgrading your RockSolid system to ECI's cloud-based environment allows you to lower maintenance costs and overall operational expenses. Have confidence that your business is protected with our enterprise level compliance, security, back up, and support.

Without spending time on workstation updates, server maintenance, and data protection plans, your IT resources can support other areas of your business that can impact your bottom line.

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Automatic Version Updates

Eliminate Workstation Hassle

No More Time-consuming Workstation Updates

With RockSolid in the cloud, you can rest easy knowing that you are always on the newest version of your software. No more staying late at the store to update workstations or spending hours making sure your software is current. If your co-op, buying group, or other vendor has a change in their communication standards, the RockSolid-specific updates will occur automatically, saving you time and frustration.

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The ECI team is made up of people just like you. We specialize in the hardlines industry and understand the challenges you face every day.

Read the RockSolid POS software story

Originally developed in 2001, RockSolid® software was created by a group of hardware retailers who needed a solution that fit their unique industry. Over time, RockSolid became a trusted, affordable point-of-sale software for independent retailers. In 2007, ECI Software Solutions, a leader in industry specific software solutions, acquired RockSolid and took the software to the next level. Today, RockSolid is recognized as a leader in the LBM and Retail Hardlines industry and is trusted by roughly 2,000 hardware stores, convenience lumberyards, and building materials dealers.

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