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When technicians spend most of their time in customers’ offices or on the road, they need to be able to find information quickly and efficiently. Logging into different applications, and combing through documents, quickly eats into time that could be better spent fixing issues and keeping IT-related disruption to a minimum for businesses.

Software for Managed IT Field Service Providers Features
Customisable Reports

Instant Insight from Over 75 Reports

Make Quick Decisions - Out-of-the-box Reports

Our Contract Profitability Report pulls hundreds of data points from your e-automate system. This report shows what is making or breaking your contract profits in one view, or goes even further to stack rank equipment down to the model level by profit.

With access to all of your critical business information in one system there isn't a question it can't answer quickly and easily.

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Contract Management

Streamline Your Contract Process

Manage Your Margins

E-automate gives you the ability to automate meter requests from our integrated data collection agents and generate an invoice at desired intervals which will be emailed directly to your customers. You will also receive alerts when contracts or warranties are about to expire, enabling proactive sales and service management.

Create any number of contract templates and easily understand profitability through multi-tier contract types such as type, contract, or equipment. Then link your purchase orders to sales and services calls so you can see every aspect of the contract and ensure you are meeting your desired margins.

Get the most from contracts in place, and gain control over billing and service contracts.

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Equipment History Tracking

Comprehensive Equipment Tracking

Visibility into the Entire Lifecycle

Keep track of all your serialised equipment throughout the equipment lifecycle and easily see when it arrived, any contracts or transactions associated, usage, and location.

E-automate allows you to customise conditions, status, and transactions enabling you to meet your unique business needs.

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Inventory Logistics Console

Optimise Your Inventory Management

Save Time, Effort, and Money

Automate and centralise inventory management functions across multiple warehouses and technician trucks in the field. Easily manage transfers, generate auto-transfer replenishment for your technicians, and order based on their prior usage.

Set up minimum and maximum values based on historical usage patterns to automate purchase order creation when items need to be reordered. These purchase orders can also be scheduled and automated in terms of vendor selection, enabling you to create and distribute purchase orders from your select vendors in bulk.

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Focused For Your Industry
  • Office Equipment Dealers
  • Value-added Resellers
  • Managed Print Providers
  • Point of Sale Equipment Dealers
  • Digital Signage Providers
  • Managed IT Field Service Providers
  • Audio/Visual Providers
  • Internet Telephony Providers
EA Persona Managing Multiple Systems
Managing multiple systems?

See the big picture

Managing multiple systems?

When you employ several stand-alone systems for various functional areas of your business, it is difficult to perform at full potential. With e-automate cloud-based ERP software for service-centric companies, you can see the big picture and drill down into each department. You can keep everything, including accounting, moving along together using just ONE comprehensive management system.

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What Separate Systems are Costing You
EA Persona Inventory Issues
Frustrated by inventory issues?

Get control of inventory

Frustrated by inventory issues?

Managing your inventory and knowing what to stock–and when and how much–shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Without an effective way to keep an accurate record, it’s nearly impossible to determine the exact value of your spare parts inventory. By automating and centralising inventory management functions with e-automate cloud-based field service management software, service organisations can save thousands of dollars in lost or wasted parts and materials.

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5 Inventory Management Pitfalls to Avoid
EA Persona Service Calls
Struggling with service calls?

Streamline service calls

Struggling with service calls?

Using e-automate and MobileTech, you can coordinate all service centre processes and ensure the best usage of resources for the shortest amount of time to produce the greatest ROI.

Your service department will thank you!

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How to Shine on the Service Stage
EA Persona Profitable Contracts
Is that contract profitable?

Improve contract management

Is that contract profitable?

If you can’t find the answer to that question easily, e-automate can help.

Understand your profitability on every contract down to each individual device. This visibility will allow you to manage your service calls better, enhance your customer relationship by providing regular insight into their usage and needs, and discover ways to improve your contract management.

Take the first steps toward contract profitability.

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4 Steps to Better Contract Management

Our e-automate® remote workforce software supports mobile IT service companies to deliver the customer service they strive for and improve ROI.

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Cloud-based and secure, they are able to manage every job from a single platform using a laptop or mobile app without logging into multiple systems. Just as important is the real-time visibility of every process, which means everyone knows what is happening and when, even if they’re out of the office.

Alongside the core e-automate® platform, choose from a range of add-ons such as the MobileTech app – so technicians can access service call information, manage tasks and input data while out in the field. As a result, skilled members of staff will spend time resolving problems quickly, rather than on admin.

Add-On Solutions

Add-ons and integrations streamline service and operational efficiency.

Free up your time to focus on what matters most—your customers.

EA Add On Device Management  

Device Management

Data collection and insight

Managed Print Services

ECI’s industry-leading family of print management solutions range from simple rapid assessment to advanced managed services offering unparalleled agnostic data collection, data integrity, and back-end support. Available in multiple languages, our device management solutions empower OEMs, dealers, and distributors in over 100 countries to sustain rich customer relationships by creating exceptional value for their clients.

Device Management Details

EA Add On User Management  

User Management

Reduce document costs

User Management

User Management is ECI’s print user management solution, providing intelligent print management tools that reduce the cost of document output, increase document security, and provide flexible cost recovery methods.

Insights into User Management

EA Add On Mobile Tech  


Service Technician App


Our service technician app gives your technicians the ability to get service call information, manage service activities, and input data while out in the field. With a real-time connection to e-automate, MobileTech reduces office staff workloads, increases accuracy, and improves inventory management.

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EA Add On Quick Deal  


Easy proposal creation


Enable sales representatives to quickly and easily create proposals for prospects and customers, pulling usage data from our device management solutions. A salesperson can create a proposal with the current state of device data including accessories, service costs, and usage. QuickDeal then sources equipment upgrades from the database to meet the customer’s objectives and automatically generates a total cost of ownership with a proposal that compares expenses and value in the current state with the proposed state.

QuickDeal ensures you have everything you need to close the deal and be profitable!

EA Add On PO Processor  

PO Processor

OEM Ordering Efficiency

PO Processor

Access pricing and product availability, place orders directly, and receive PO confirmations in real-time! Working with participating OEMs and suppliers, e-automate's PO Processor integration takes the work out of the ordering process.

  • Item costs on orders are accurate
  • Margins on orders are predictable
  • Stock is reserved and made available for shipment
  • Vendor acknowledgement in minutes
  • Fewer keying errors by PO admin or vendor
  • No printing, faxing, or filing of POs is necessary
RF Persona Acsellerate  

Acsellerate CRM

Easy customer insight

Acsellerate CRM

In the office or the field, Acsellerate® CRM increases customer retention, maximises sales from existing customers, and builds an effective pipeline. Integrating with your e-automate software, critical account, lead, and contact information is at your fingertips.


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We have so much more visibility into how we’re doing as a company since we made the switch to e-automate. Information is far easier to access and there’s a level of confidence in the data we’re getting from e-automate that we just did not have before the change.”

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