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Order management software

Manage your inventory with confidence

A good order management system is the engine room of every successful retailer and wholesaler. Complete visibility of your entire operation means you’re able to fulfil orders across different sales channels with ease and accuracy – helping you to reduce costs, improve cash flow and increase margins.

How can industry-specific software benefit your business?

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Streamline your operations

Customer expectations have changed, thanks to their experiences with consumer brands. On time and in full (OTIF) delivery is now the minimum standard – customers also want seamless experiences with clear updates on the status of an order, easy returns and guarantees that an item will be in stock.

This is why growing numbers of businesses are turning to Spruce – our cloud-based order management software for builders merchants, which automates much of the order fulfilment process and helps you get paid faster. With anytime, anywhere insights available on any device, you have full control over your stock levels so you can spot any potential supply chain problems early on and maintain high levels of customer service.

Make the most of every sales opportunity

The more sales channels you have – your website, third-party sites and store – the more opportunities you have to drive up revenue. But it’s vital that stock availability is accurately reflected across each one. Manually updating them every time you make a sale would take too long and there’s a high chance of error, especially if goods are moving quickly. An order management system automatically syncs stock across all channels, allowing you to maximise sales opportunities and confidently grow your business.

Find out how Spruce can transform your business

Spruce is a feature rich system

Right first time

Order stock by entering items manually or using past POs and suggested orders. Save time by ordering from mobile devices on the sales floor and importing information from external vendors.

Special orders

Create a special-order PO during a point of sale transaction or copy quoted items into a PO, using a system-generated temporary SKU number or vendor catalogue.

Receiving goods

Scan items when they arrive and Spruce will automatically reconcile them with the PO and give you the option to add any additional charges.

Control costs

Combining historical data with smart automation enables you to accurately calculate lead time and determine minimum and maximum quantities, helping to reduce inventory costs.

Improve accuracy

Place orders securely and accurately using Spruce Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which helps you to save time and reduce error.

Consolidate orders

Consolidate orders based on demand from across different branches of your business to increase efficiency and maximise bulk buying deals.

What is order management software?

Whether you sell directly to consumers, the trade or retailers, order management software removes the barriers to growth by simplifying the entire fulfilment process. Your team can make better use of their time because they don’t have to continually respond to enquiries – all the information customers need is available to them via the system.

A good order management system comes with multiple integrations, including e-commerce sites like Shopify, third-party marketplaces like Amazon and multiple couriers. It also integrates with other business systems such as an ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Industry focus

Order management software for your industry

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We built our cloud-based order management software for builders’ merchant businesses like yours. If you’re always striving for operational excellence, profitability, and growth, see how our products could help.

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