The Leading ERP Provider in the Office Equipment Industry

In an industry where margins are tight and competition is fierce, we understand that streamlining processes, reducing costs, keeping your customers happy, and ultimately increasing contract profitability, are the daily challenges you face in your business.


Typically, companies come to us for help because they are:

  • Using several systems across the business that do not "talk" to each other
  • Concerned that collection and billing for meters are taking too long each month
  • Frustrated that toner is sitting at their customer locations, unaccounted for
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to produce contract profitability reports
  • Worried about how many return trips it takes technicians to fix one issue

Solutions for service-centric businesses

E-automate® business management software includes features that are tailored specifically to equipment dealerships. A true end-to-end system, daily business tasks are automated, giving you more time to focus on customer service and growing your operations.

  • Sales

    Simplify and streamline your sales process

  • Purchasing

    Intelligent buying means improved cash flow

  • Inventory

    Tighten inventory levels and increase profits

  • Contracts

    Proactive contract management reduces lost revenues

  • Service

    Easily log, clear, dispatch, and invoice service calls

  • Accounting

    Sound finances are the key to your business success

  • Reports

    Make educated business decisions quickly

  • Customer Self-Service

    Improve customer service and remove further costs

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accounting contracts inventory purchasing reports sales service Customers

How can e-automate reduce your workload, automate processes, and improve efficiency?


Listen in as John Balter, COO of Seamless Solutions, describe how e-automate was instrumental in automating their process and reducing workload.

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