Cashing in on automation

E-automate® business software helps financial institutions manage, monitor, and service ATM and coin-op machines, vaults, locks, video equipment, shredders, currency counters,  and more. Automating management and maintenance of equipment makes servicing them time and cost efficient.


If you are struggling because:

  • Up-sell opportunities are missed due to a lack of visibility of on-hand inventory
  • Tech productivity cannot be tracked
  • Spreadsheets are required to run daily operations
  • Products approaching the end of their lifecycle cannot be quickly identified

Then e-automate can pay dividends in your service business. 

Solutions for service-centric businesses

E-automate includes features that support banking equipment service dealers. Monitoring and maintaining this equipment can be automated, increasing your service efficiency and the satisfaction of your customers.

  • Sales

    Simplify and streamline your sales process

  • Purchasing

    Intelligent buying means improved cash flow

  • Inventory

    Tighten inventory levels and increase profits

  • Contracts

    Proactive contract management reduces lost revenues

  • Service

    Easily log, clear, dispatch, and invoice service calls

  • Accounting

    Sound finances are the key to your business success

  • Reports

    Make educated business decisions quickly

  • Customer Self-Service

    Improve customer service and remove further costs

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accounting contracts inventory purchasing reports sales service Customers

How can e-automate improve your banking equipment service business?


The Security Center, a family-owned and operated business specializing in alarms, locks, and video security, uses e-automate to help their business run more efficiently and stay in touch with their 28 technicians across the state of Texas.

e-automate demo image

See e-automate for yourself with a customized demo to suit your needs.

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