Laryssa Alexander

Field & IT Service Division

Laryssa Alexander joined OMD in February of 1997. She held various operational leadership roles within the company and was promoted to President of OMD in January, 2008.  After ECi’s acquisition of La Crosse Software in June, 2007, she was instrumental in the transition plan and in identifying best practices between the two organizations.  In December of 2008, her responsibilities were expanded to include serving as President of La Crosse Management Systems.  The next four years were spent optimizing the performance of her teams, incorporating product enhancements, and being instrumental in the successful integration of Digital Gateway, Inc. into the ECi portfolio of companies. 

In January of 2013, she was named President of Digital Gateway, Inc. and, by extension, President of ECi Software Solutions’ Division of Service Technology. As president, Laryssa manages all areas of operations across all three companies.  Laryssa’s goal is to make sure that the ECi Division of Service Technology meets and exceeds customer expectations while continuing to drive innovation.

Kipp Kugler

Sales Director

Field & IT Service Division

Bergetta Smith

Product Manager


Adam Anderson

Product Manager


Brad Sorenson, Director of Development
Lori Meyer, Director of Customer Services
Daron Jones, VP of Professional Services

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