Get The Visibility You Need

Find out how an ERP solution can give you the visibility and insight you need to make smarter business decisions

Real-time business reporting

In these strange and uncertain times, you can't afford to be operating with little to no visibility into your business. Spreadsheets and separate systems don't give you reliable business insights. Find out how an ERP solution like e-automate centralizes all your critical business information so you can see the bigger picture and drill down into the details.

Connecting the Dots

Do you have the visibility you need?

Connected data

Our reports pull hundreds of data points from within e-automate

Instant insights

Make quick business decisions based on over 75 out-of-the-box reports

Audit trails

All data is linked for an easy-to-follow audit trail on all transactions

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Customized Insights

Must-have reports for service providers


Most valuable reports

  • Contract profitability
  • Service statistics
  • Comparative financials
  • Read our 7 Must-Have Reports for Field Service Providers for more!
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Kay Yates The Security Center

Kay Yates

Controller, The Security Center

Getting the reports you need is important, especially for a growing business. We can customize how we get our information and cut, slice, and dice it however we want."

Dynamic Data

See the bigger picture or drill into the details

Business Status Metrics

Your business at a glance

Drill down with interactive widgets, charts, graphs, and grids to see sales performance and accounting metrics, inventory value, gross margin, and more.


Critical accounting insights

See key metrics for accounts receivable and payable, including open, past due, and aging receivables and invoices, and accounts on credit hold.

Sales Metrics
Inventory Data

Purchasing and inventory

Understand your inventory value, easily identify at-risk stock levels, and see how much money you have tied up in open and unreceived POs.


Sales performance

Keep a pulse on the health of your accounts and identify trends with open sales orders by status, type, ship method, and sales rep.

Learn more about our dashboards and how to easily see your business performance.

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