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Big Ideas for Small Businesses

Industry experts offer tips on using your software and managing every aspect of your business from sales and marketing to human resources and payment processing.

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ECI CORP Blog News Press Release

ECI Software Solutions Named a Certified 2024 Great Place to Work® in Six Countries Across North America, Europe and Australia

Based solely on anonymous employee survey responses, ECI is recognized as a top employer in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Belgium, Australia and the Netherlands

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2024 ERP Guide Essential Insights for SMB Executives

39 ERP Facts and Statistics Every SMB Executive Should Know in 2024

Check out these key ERP facts & trends for SMBs in 2024. From selection strategies to implementation insights that drive transformation and business success.

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How cloud computing is transforming small businesses

Avoiding The Cloud May Be Costing Your Business More Than You Think

Find out how cloud computing elevates small businesses with cost-effective solutions, enhanced cybersecurity, & strategic insights for seamless cloud adoption.

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Blog Top Business Articles Of2023

Top Business Articles of 2023

Check out the top business blogs of 2023. The range of topics include AI integration, tax benefits, ERP systems, and building a strong company culture.

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How embedded analytics empowers small businesses

Unlock the Power of Embedded Analytics

See how embedded analytics revolutionize SMBs with real-time insights, enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, & strategic decision-making.

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ECI CORP Blog News Press Release

ECI Software Solutions Acquires Treetop, Automating Dutch Residential Construction Businesses  

Strategic acquisition expands ECI’s presence in Europe with the most complete residential construction and craft business management software portfolio in the Netherlands.

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Pros and Cons of working from home

Advantages and Disadvantages of Offering a Work-from-Home Option

Considering offering your employees a work-from-home or hybrid work option? Take a look at the pros and cons before you make a decision.

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ChatGPT: Revolutionizing Customer Support using AI

How ChatGPT Can Help Your Customer Support Team

See how ChatGPT transforms customer support with AI-driven efficiency, language proficiency, and 24/7 automated assistance for superior service.

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ECI CORP Blog News Press Release

ECI Software Solutions’ President and COO Named Female Executive of the Year in 20th Annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business

Sarah Hagan named Bronze 2023 Stevie Award winner for her leadership and dedication to ECI’s growth, operational efficiency and employee empowerment.

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Engaging Gen Z Strategies for Today's Workforce

How to Attract, Train, Inspire, and Communicate with Generation Z Employees

Check of these key strategies for engaging Generation Z in the workforce. From effective communication & motivation to culture transformation. Learn more!

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CORP 4 Steps In Succession Planning Blog 2023

Succession Planning: Setting Your Business Up For Success

Learn the importance and process of structured succession planning in business. See how to implement technology to preserve your business legacy.

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ECI 10 Ways Your ERP Solution Can Keep Your Business Humming Through Busy Seasons 2023 Blog

9 Ways Your ERP Solution Can Keep Your Business Humming Through Busy Seasons

From automation to data-driven decision-making, we’ll explore 9 ways your ERP can boost efficiency and enhance your productivity during busy seasons.

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