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Big Ideas for Small Businesses

Industry experts offer tips on using your software and managing every aspect of your business from sales and marketing to human resources and payment processing.

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PCI Compliance: What It Is and Why Your Business Depends on It

This blog post explains what PCI compliance is and why businesses depend on it.

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How to Get Your Business Optimized for Local Search

The most important considerations to support your local online business marketing efforts

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Understanding the Value of Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service

Help your employees understand the value of not only what they say but how they say it and with what body language.

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Supporting Nonprofits Is Essential to Communities, Businesses, and People

In living by ECI's CODE to Crave Greatness, Own the Outcome, Deliver Awesome, and Embrace Community, we seek to improve the quality of our team, our community, and our...

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10 Ways to Differentiate Your Business from the Competition

No matter which business you are in, at some point you will worry about competitors. In this ECI blog post, we explain how you can differentiate yourself, your product, or...

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The Theory of Constraints in Simple Terms

In this ECI blog post, Bob Sproull explains the Theory of Constraints in simple terms.

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Creating Customer Loyalty

Learn how to create true customer loyalty in this blog post ECI

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5 Essential Keys to Effective Strategic Planning

Promote Your Business without Blowing Your Budget

Learn how to promote your small business without blowing your budget in this new marketing blog post for SMBs. Read this blog post to learn how to get free publicity for...

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Credit Card Processing for Merchants: NFC—What Is It and How Does It Work?

NFC is a term associated with payment processing and stands for Near Field Communication. It is basically "contactless" payment processor technology.

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Part 3 - Creating a Quick and Efficient Business Plan

Continuing with this case study, in this final post in this series, I will demonstrate how to use your Goal Tree to assess the status of your organization, and then show...

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Tips for becoming a better Entrepreneur

Being a small business owner can be a complex job. Discover some tips to make your work life easier, and your business more efficient and profitable, by reading "Essential...

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Part 2 - Creating a Quick and Efficient Business Plan

In part 2 of How to Create a Quick and Effective Strategic Business Plan, we will demonstrate how to construct a Goal Tree and then begin sharing a real case study with you.

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