A Special Message from Manufacturing Division President, Matt Heerey

A Special Message from Manufacturing Division President, Matt Heerey

Our latest enhancements to your MAX ERP will help deliver the next level of optimal performance to your business.

Here are the 2020 updates.

MAX 5.6.0 & 5.6.1

MAX 5.6.0 provides additional compatibility and allows Crystal 2016 Runtime installation and support for Windows Server 2019 with full installation. MAX 5.6.1 includes support for MS Dynamics GP 18.2.1013, defect corrections, and more.  

Alerts & Automation

KnowledgeSync automates business activities to save time and money by automatically delivering real-time information to anyone in the organization. One of our customers saved 100+ hours and $10,000-$12,000 per month after implementing KnowledgeSync.

Optimal ERP Performance

If your current ERP version does not integrate your business processes or provide complete visibility, a system upgrade or a full migration should be in your short-term plans. 95% of businesses see process improvements after revamping their ERP system.

Business Data Protection

The consequences of a data breach to a business are numerous and overwhelming. We are here to help alleviate many of the data security threats your business faces today.

Online Classes

Learn from live instructors in a hands-on environment using actual data sets for an optimal educational experience. Available right at your desktop! All you need is a good internet connection.

Virtual Training Workshops

Learn from a live instructor in a virtual classroom-style setting. These workshops are a perfect fit for applying hands-on-training with real-life scenarios.


MAX [consultants] listened closely to the needs of Delta Phoenix and provided excellent guidance and support to Susanne and her financial team during that migration. They continue to support us in modernizing our financial recordkeeping.

Director of IT, Delta Phoenix

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