A special message from Manufacturing Division President, Matt Heerey

A special message from Manufacturing Division President, Matt Heerey

Our latest investments in your M1 ERP will help deliver the next level of optimal performance to your business.

Here are the 2020 updates.

M1 v9.2.826/827

The two latest 9.2.8 releases offer over 100 customer-reported defect fixes, EDI and CADLink improvements, and enhanced integration with NET1 credit card processing to reduce credit card processing costs.

M1 Cloud

M1 cloud allows you to conduct your business safely and efficiently from any device. Work confidently knowing that your business is protected with our enterprise-grade compliance, security, backup, and support.

New Order Snapshot

Order Snapshot provides real-time job, order, and shipping information to your customers, ensuring you spend less time sending manual order and shipping status updates and more time managing your bottom line.

Alerts & Automation

KnowledgeSync automates business activities to save time and money by automatically delivering real-time information to anyone in the organization. One customer saved 100+ hours and $12,000 per month.

Payment Processing

NET1 credit card processing solution helps reduce expenses and increase cash flow. What you get with NET1 is higher efficiency, lower costs, superior convenience, and security.

Optimal ERP Performance

If your current ERP version does not integrate your business processes or provide complete visibility, a system upgrade or a full migration should be in your short-term plans.


Personally my [M1] dashboards show me everything that I want to see at a glance—I’m looking at sales in, shipments out, who’s clocked-in, did they show up on time, how many sales are coming in on a weekly or monthly basis.

Director of Operations, May Group

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