A Special Message from Manufacturing Division President, Matt Heerey

A Special Message from Manufacturing Division President, Matt Heerey

Our latest investments in your JobBOSS ERP will help deliver the next level of optimal performance to your business.

Here are the 2020 updates.

Introducing JobBOSS 2020

Built on the already robust JobBOSS 2018 with powerful new dashboards, JobBOSS 2020 offers many new features and enhancements to improve your software utilization, navigation, and business visibility and productivity.

Machine Intelligence

Alora machine intelligence platform works with any machine regardless of age, manufacturer, or current connectivity—even old presses and punches! It integrates with JobBOSS to help you improve overall productivity.

Alerts & Automation

KnowledgeSync automates business activities to save time and money by automatically delivering real-time information to anyone in the organization. One customer saved 100+ hours and $10,000-$12,000 per month.

Payment Processing

NET1 credit card processing solution helps reduce expenses and increase cash flow. What you get with NET1 is higher efficiency, lower costs, superior convenience, and security.

Optimal ERP Performance

If your current ERP version does not integrate your business processes or provide complete visibility, a system upgrade or a full migration should be in your short-term plans.

JobBOSS Cloud

JobBOSS Cloud gives you the best of both worlds with the control and familiarity of on-premise software, and the accessibility and low cost of a cloud-based solution.


The reduction of entry hours along with increased accuracy of production requirements has had a significantly positive impact on the shop's overall operations.


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