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What is cloud-based ERP?

Cloud computing is nothing more than securely storing and accessing data—and programs—over the internet rather than on your local computer's hard drive. Think about the social media platforms and email services that you use—they're not stored on your computer, you access them securely over the internet. Because the provider hosts the cloud-based system on their servers, they focus on operations, security, data backups, and software updates for you. You get to focus on just using the service to run your business. Greater information security—your data is protected from natural disasters, fire, theft, and cyber threats with multiple layers of security and redundant backups.

Why should you consider a cloud-based ERP solution?


The benefits of cloud-based ERP

  • Increased productivity with access anytime, anywhere from any Windows® based computer or tablet through the internet
  • Cutting-edge software that is always current and requires no manual updates
  • Real-time data which facilitates better business planning and quicker decisions
  • Data that is automatically backed up at no additional charge
  • Greater information security—your data is protected from natural disasters, fire, theft, and cyber threats with offsite backups
  • Flexibility and scalability with subscription-based pricing
  • Faster implementation puts you quickly on the track to improved productivity


No more worries about

  • Huge, upfront monetary investments for additional equipment needs
  • Forecasting IT department and data security investment increases
  • Manual software updates that interrupt workflow
  • The necessity of data backup services or server maintenance

The next generation of business process and management

The beauty of cloud-based manufacturing software is that it has a short implementation time and a minimal upfront investment. Spend your time and money on growing your business, not maintaining software and servicing equipment. Cloud computing systems bring a new level of competitiveness to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. It's the next generation of business process management. Investing in a cloud-based manufacturing software is just one step in future-proofing your business and the benefits will only increase.

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to implement

  • Efficient

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Secure and reliable

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