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ECi completes opXML links for CTS Toner Supplies

Horizon® and Progress® business system users can now trade electronically with CTS Toner Supplies

Cambridge, England ECi Software Solutions Ltd ( today announced that it has completed a series of opXML links for CTS Toner Supplies Limited, giving users of the Horizon and Progress business management systems a further choice of trading partners.

This latest technology relationship with CTS Toner Supplies allows Horizon and Progress dealers to send orders and receive invoices electronically, as well as make real-time stock enquiries and receive terms files via email or FTP, further streamlining order processing routines and taking additional costs out of their business.

“Since we are operating from the same ECi platform, we are successfully trading with many ECi customers through the complete opXML functionality. I would like to thank the team at ECi for their help in enabling us to achieve this and we are looking forward to welcoming more ECi customers to use this facility,” said Steve Clayton, Managing Director at CTS Toner Supplies Limited.

Nick Gradwell, Managing Director for ECi commented, “CTS’s decision to go down the electronic trading route is yet another example of the wider adoption of this technology by distributors outside of the traditional wholesale channel.  Distributors who implement electronic trading typically see incremental sales as it makes it easier for dealers to have a direct trading relationship with them.  For our customers, they benefit from a wider selection of products, giving them more power in the channel.”

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