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e-automate 8.5 Software Advances Integration with BEI Services

Integration will provide improved efficiencies for service departments

Fort Worth, TX ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific technology solutions, today announced a new advancement for the integration of its e-automate® ERP software with BEI Services Inc., a leader in service department profitability improvement and performance analytics solutions. Through this integration, dealers can now seamlessly experience automated car stock creation, technician assessment and supply audits.

“This most recent e-automate integration is an important step in our ongoing alliance with BEI Services,” said Laryssa Alexander, President of ECi Software Solutions’ Service Technology Group. “We understand how important it is to our dealers to make their service processes more efficient and we’re happy to provide them with the tools and solutions needed to help them grow.”

“We are aggressively developing more and more solutions to expand the utilization of our benchmark data for our customers,” said Bud Karakey, VP Operations at BEI Services. “Our continued strong integration relationship with ECI e-automate enables us to achieve our development objectives and goals in the easiest, most efficient and results producing seamless processes for our e-automate users.”

BEI Services continues to expand their solution suite to further optimize parts and labor expense control with the newly developed automated technician assessment and coaching module, designed to allow for quick and effective performance reviews whereby supervisors can easily create and manage specific expectations and goals for improvement over time, as well as a supply usage audit tool designed to curtail over-shipments of toner. The BEI solution and critical benchmark data is used extensively by service management, technicians, inventory personnel, MPS managers, sales associates, data analysts, HR and executive management to improve performance and profits.

ECi provides complete business management solutions for companies that sell and service technology. To see the suite of products and learn more about e-automate, please visit the service technology website.

About ECi

ECi Software Solutions provides end-to-end business management software and services, focusing on cloud-based technologies. For 30+ years, ECi has served small to medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale/retail distribution, building and construction, and field service organizations. Privately held, ECi is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, with offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, the Netherlands, and Australia. For information, email, visit or call (800) 959-3367. 

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About BEI Services

For more than 20 years BEI Services has been the trusted provider for unbiased imaging device and technician performance benchmarking.  Offering a complete array of software tools to address every aspect of your service department’s performance and profitability.  Exclusive solutions including Advanced Comparative Reporting, Effective Territory Management, Technician Compensation and Advanced Inventory Management are utilized by the most respected and awarded dealers and manufactures in the industry.  A free 2-week trial is available.  For more information, visit or call 307.587.8446.

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