Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit

As President of ECi's European Division, Nick is our unifier. He combines his commercial and technical experience with a knowledge of both the US and European businesses to create a seamless experience for ECi on both sides of the pond. Being responsible for the day-to-day running of Europe, Nick serves customers the complete suite of ECi products and services across the Distribution, Manufacturing, and Field and IT Service industries.

Nick brings more than 20 years of experience in product design and management to ECi Europe. Previously, he has run his own business and has served in senior product management, software development, project and professional services roles for companies that include ECi, Groupcall Ltd, UniServity and Nortel (BNR). A keen proponent of data-driven decision making in all aspects of the business from product management and agile technologies to sales and marketing, he has successfully introduced and developed these principles with several companies to help streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction and increase the quality of software products. Growing revenue and profitability while providing a great customer experience is what drives Nick. He was named Managing Director of ECi Europe in 2015 and President of the ECi European Division in January of 2017. 

Nick lives with his wife, Jenny, and two daughters, Jessica and Olivia, just outside London. When not travelling across Europe for work, he spends his time running or on his mountain bike in the Chiltern Hills or simply burying his head in yet another book.

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