As President of our Field & IT Service Division, Laryssa is our woman of action. She oversees all areas of the business for e-automate, FMAudit, La Crosse, OMD, and Naverisk. Laryssa’s goals are to deliver stellar customer service and innovation while balancing financial results and growth. She accomplishes this by leveraging her 20+ years of industry experience and her ability to build strong collaborative teams.

Laryssa joined OMD Corporation in February 1997 where she held various leadership roles including Implementation Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and ultimately President. When OMD was acquired by ECi in 2006, she was instrumental in the acquisition and successful transition. Laryssa also played crucial roles in the acquisitions and transitions of La Crosse Management Systems in December 2008 and Digital Gateway in 2011 where she progressively assumed the role of President and associated responsibilities for each company.

When she’s not working or traveling for business, Laryssa is spending time with her firefighter husband Joe and their daughter Brittney who now lives in Chicago, a city she loves to visit. Laryssa also enjoys playing tennis, shooting pool and leisure motorcycle rides. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention her precious Morkie, Bella, who she refers to as her eternal baby.

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