Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit

As Chief Information Officer, Glenn ensures we execute on our promises. He leads the delivery of our cloud-based SaaS solutions, the constant evolution of our cybersecurity stance, and the management of corporate information technology operations. What drives Glenn? His focus on the success of our customers, internally and, most importantly, externally.

Glenn is a seasoned technology executive with a passion for the entrepreneurial spirit. He has held senior leadership positions in several organizations ranging from start-up businesses to mature multi-national corporations in the manufacturing, aerospace, and defense, retail, financial, marketing, and technology industries. His experience includes leading and guiding organizations through stable and transformative periods. He flourishes in environments where change is ever-present and is the key to success. Prior to ECi, Glenn was with, Epsilon Data Management LLC, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Glenn lives for science fiction in all forms. He resides in Lewisville, Texas, with his wife, Laura, and has three children, Benjamin, Alexandra, and Charlotte. They have three cats and a dog, which he fondly refers to collectively as “The Zoo.” Until the age of 16, he lived in Southeast Asia; he has an extended family located across England, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.  

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