Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit

As SVP of Corporate Development, David is our explorer. He is responsible for the Company’s global acquisition strategy and all corporate development activities.  

David joined ECi in 1999 when it was a brand new company. He came aboard as Director of Marketing, becoming Vice President in 2002. In 2005, he took responsibility for Corporate Development and accepted the promotion to Senior Vice President in January 2006. Before moving to ECi, David worked for 15 years at ENTEX Information Services, his last position being Director of Marketing.

David lives outside Philadelphia with his wife, Kim, and three boys Jeremy, Eli and Sam, who keep them very busy. As a die-hard Eagles fan, he bleeds green. When not watching football, David enjoys live music, world travel, finding excellent restaurants, the outdoors and fishing. He is also passionate about “giving back” and helps manage a local non-profit community organization.

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