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Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Hard

By Alicia Ellis

Before coming to ECi, I spent six years as the Editor-in-Chief of a local “feel good” newspaper with a circulation of more than 60,000 homes. Mailing every other week, we were always looking for content to fill our 32-page paper.

Every week, I would receive phone calls about events, photo opportunities and emails from schools and civic organizations. To my surprise, we got very few press releases from local companies. After reaching out to my chamber of commerce and attending networking events, I discovered that many businesses either didn’t know how to write a press release or didn’t think that their marketing and outreach to the community was worth publicizing.

With the help of the chamber, I began hosting events to teach local businesses about marketing. I showed them how easy it is to get the publicity that will ultimately lead to business growth.

Over the next few months, I'll be writing about topics that I hope will help you grow your business:

  • What topics are press release worthy?
  • Positioning yourself as a thought leader in the industry
  • The do’s and don’ts of press releases
  • How to write a press release in five easy steps
  • Secrets to getting media attention
  • Condensing press releases for social media outreach
  • Photography for the press 101
  • Making your news trend on social media

Reaching out to the media and garnering attention isn’t hard and it doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and ideas with you.

Alicia Ellis

About the author

Alicia Ellis is the Marketing Program Manager for ECi’s Distribution Division. Prior to ECi, Alicia spent 6 years as the Marketing Director for the Independent Office Products & Furniture Dealers Association (IOPFDA) and 12 years as an editor. Alicia lives in New Jersey with her husband Jeff, and until recently was the lead singer of a classic rock band that played along the Jersey Shore.

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