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TeamDesign® Business Management System

ECi Software for Contract Furniture Dealers

TeamDesign screen

TeamDesign customer proposal generation

Since 1984, TeamDesign has been the software of choice for the contract furniture industry.

TeamDesign is a Windows-based project management system designed to automate every aspect of your business: marketing, quotes, commissions, financial statements, etc. The system combines management tools for all phases of project workflow – from proposal to profit and loss statement – into one fully integrated solution.

Its versatility has put TeamDesign in a class of its own; in fact, in many cases TeamDesign has replaced an existing “custom” software system. This Windows-based platform interfaces with every major electronic specifying package, and can be scaled to suit the specific business objectives of most dealers. As always, customization is performed directly by ECi, and is never sourced to outside developers.

To date, TeamDesign has helped hundreds of dealerships around the globe reduce internal time usage, minimize the potential for errors, maintain a solid record of service, efficently manage their operations — altogether, to build a profitable enterprise.


Order Entry

All TeamDesign functions are based on single source document entry. That means you type all the information into one screen. TeamDesign manages the data and outputs the correct forms as they are needed.


TeamDesign automatically splits proposals into multiple purchase orders to the appropriate vendors.

Project Management

Manual backlog reports are a nightmare. TeamDesign generates backlog reports based on selected criteria, saving enormous amounts of time and money.

Accounts Payable

TeamDesign tracks all accounts payable by job, indicating true profit and cost for any given job.

Accounts Receivable

Customer service representatives have the entire history of every account at their fingertips. They can answer all customer questions, reprint original invoices and examine a customer’s ledger without leaving their desks.

General Ledger

Because all invoices are tracked in the general ledger by job, TeamDesign allows users to identify and reconcile late costs. It will identify invoiced jobs that still have a balance in work-in-progress and show a proper reflection of sales.


TeamDesign notifies you of “unused” inventory. It compares your proposals to your inventory and notifies you of available inventory on-hand.

International Capabilities

TeamDesign will work for you regardless of who you are and who your customers are. It will keep your general ledger in your local currency, generate purchase orders in the vendor’s currency and send invoices in your customer’s currency.

PSN (Private Supply Network)

The ECi TeamDesign PSN opens a new world of interactive possibilities. It connects dealers to trading partners via the Internet. You can use the PSN to transmit purchase orders and receive acknowledgments from vendors without leaving TeamDesign. Version 13 includes electronic communications with Kimball Office and National; version 14 will add electronic communications with Global Industries. Find out more >>

Optional Features

TeamDesign Modules

Add even more efficiency and value with these optional TeamDesign modules:


Improve cash flow by invoicing rental furniture in a timely manner. TeamDesign helps you track rentals, mock-ups and even warehouse space for improved management and efficient billing.  You can also track loaners by both salesperson and customer so that you never lose product again.

Service Work Orders

When properly managed, service work can contribute to your overall profitability. TeamDesign enables you to track time and materials for each job, ensuring accurate costing and billing to maximize service revenues. You can even maintain open-ended work orders to simplify the handling of warranty work and reconfigurations.

Smart Stuff

Smart Stuff extends TeamDesign’s reporting capabilities, enabling you to create highly specialized reports, lists, queries and labels from browser-displayed data.

Inventory Imports

Eliminate unnecessary labor and ensure data accuracy by importing third-party catalogs directly into the TeamDesign inventory system without re-keying data. TeamDesign supports standard SIF-format catalog files, as well as specialized third-party catalogs such as HON and OF/USA.


The better your collections process, the better your cash flow. TeamDesign helps improve both. Online tracking of collection call information — including invoice number, contact, call dat, and general comments — helps you manage collection calls more effectively.  You can also include collection notes on your A/R aging reports.

Bill Of Materials

TeamDesign’s integrated Bill of Materials automates production processes for furniture manufacturing or refurbishing. Develop assemblies by defining component parts and quantities and provide shop personnel with the information they need for seamless production, without additional paperwork or data entry.

Stock Purchase Orders

For stocking dealers, effective management includes balancing purchases against inventory turns. The challenge is to make sure that you have the items or parts you need without tying up capital unnecessarily. TeamDesign can help you identify both fast and slow-moving items and re-order stock products as needed.


Build customized marketing profiles for your customers. Add user-defined marketing fields to TeamDesign’s customer application, then set up these fields based on your specific needs. Use the content of the marketing fields to sort and print customer and marketing reports.

Quick Quotes

Quick Quotes streamlines management of showroom sales.  Quickly generate quotes right from your showroom to handle “off-the-street” traffic.

Haworth Interface

Electronic purchasing with manufacturers eliminates data entry errors and reduces labor costs. With this optional module, Haworth dealers can transmit POs and receive electronic acknowledgements directly from TeamDesign. 

Herman Miller Interface

Save time and eliminate the need to re-key purchasing data by transmitting purchase orders directly to Herman Miller and receiving electronic acknowledgements.

TeamDesign Add-Ons


PressBox adds automated e-mail capabilities to TeamDesign. Each night, the software automatically generates notifications to designated employees in response to events such as unacknowledged purchase orders, past due invoices, receipt of deposit, and so on.  Alerting salespeople, accounting personnel, or other employees to account activity or potential problems improves service levels and helps resolve problems quickly, before they turn into collection issues.


Turn service into self-service by giving your customers secure, Internet access to their account and order
information, including order status, outstanding invoices, and complete order history. TeamAccess also provides full contract pricing with digital images of in-stock inventory.


TeamScoreboard is an Internet shopping cart designed specifically for the contract furniture industry. Bill of material logic enables customers to place orders without having to configure products online or even have any knowledge of specification tools! TeamScoreboard produces fully specified and configured industry standard SIF files as the order output. These files can be imported directly into TeamDesign, or into any specification program that supports the SIF file format.


TeamRelay enables contract furniture dealers to exchange proposals and POs electronically with both customers and vendors. The software includes an integrated interpreter for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and supports standard EDI formats.


Nashville Training Center

We offer training on our products in the Nashville training center: 15065 Lebanon Road, Suite 202, Old Hickory, TN 37138. Class seating is limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis. Please phone 800-989-9669 to reserve your training session. Basic and Advanced training are available.

Benefits include:

  • Limited class size provides intense training
  • Off-site training insures no interruptions
  • Each student assigned to their own workstation
  • 20 minutes from Nashville airport
  • Experienced instructors

Sessions available:

REMINDER: Technical support must be active on the product for which you wish to attend training.

Virtual Classes

Our Virtual Classroom lets you attend live classes without leaving your desk. Watch, listen and interact as an experienced instructor walks you through a software application.

Instructors demonstrate how the software works through our Web site, and you interact with the instructor and the other students over the telephone.

Virtual classes are offered in TeamDesign modules, add-ons and special topics.

For general information about virtual classes or to inquire as to the virtual class schedule please call 800-989-9669 and ask for the TeamDesign Account Manager. 

Onsite Training

Training at your location is available. Please email for onsite training pricing. Currently, TeamDesign is the only product taught outside of the Nashville Training Center.


TeamDesign Technical Support is available during regular business hours in Old Hickory, Tennessee, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Online Support

  • E-mail:

Phone Numbers

  • Local Number:817-662-3446
  • Toll Free: 800-989-9669
  • Fax: 615-758-5553

Shipping Address

To ship hardware or other items to TeamDesign Technical Support, please use the following address:

TeamDesign Technical Support
ECi TeamDesign
15065 Lebanon Road, Suite 201
Old Hickory, TN 37138


Accounting and Remittance are handled by ECi headquarters. To contact ECi Accounting:

To Remit Payment to ECi, please use the following address:

eCommerce Industries, Inc.
PO Box 200164
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-0164

System Requirements

User Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Pentium 1 GHz or greater
  • 256MB RAM
  • 200MB free disk space
  • Internet Connection
  • Display adapter and monitor capable of displaying video at resolution of 1024 x 768

Server Requirements

  • Windows 2000/2003
  • Pentium 1 GHz or greater
  • 512MB RAM for TeamDesign
  • 4GB Hard-drive for TeamDesign
  • CD Drive
  • Display adapter and monitor capable of displaying video at resolution of 1024 x 768

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TeamDesign Version 16

TeamDesign continues to build relationships, and works closely with our current partners, manufacturers and dealers to improve processes that help save dealers time and money. TeamDesign V16 expands electronic communications with more manufacturers, refines reporting capabilities, and provides improved functionality.

TeamDesign PSN

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