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La Crosse™ Management System

ECi Software for Office Equipment Dealers

ECi LaCrosse Management System - Office Equipment Management Software - Service Management Software

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ECi La Crosse business software was designed to meet the needs of today’s equipment dealer. With over 1400 management tools, La Crosse offers everything a dealer needs to deliver the kind of quality service that guarantees customer retention – and do so at a comfortable margin.

Business Intelligence

La Crosse's SQL database offers complete access to your business data for analysis. Results are displayed on a business dashboard with at-a-glance reporting on vital areas of operation. The net effect: La Crosse mines your data for insights you can take to the bank.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Despite its enterprise-class sophistication, La Crosse takes advantage of the Windows® environment to offer the industry's easiest interface. The result is a new-user learning-time of just a few weeks, and an efficient workflow that can save your staff hundreds of man hours in the long run.

End-to-End Solution

La Crosse integrates with several advanced applictions to offer dealers a complete solution for attaining profitability: best-in class e-commerce tools, solutions for managed print services, remote service and asset management, and more.


La Crosse offers a tightly-integrated management system for every area of an equipment dealer's operation. These are just a few of the 1400+ management tools included in the La Crosse business system:

Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Flexible and customizable settlement terms
  • Extensive customer and vendor data
  • Recurring and repeating transactions
  • Automatic invoice and adjustment generation
  • Numerous defaults and global settings
Contract Management
  • Track multiple meters per machine
  • Easily add contract templates
  • Easy machine swapping and proration
  • Assign multiple contracts per machine
  • Group contract billing
  • Contract profitability analysis
Credit Card Processing
  • Conveniently process credit card transactions directly through the order entry module
  • Improves overall security
E-commerce for Consumables
Financial Analysis, Management and Reporting
  • Flexible multilevel financial reporting
  • Easy exporting to Excel, Word, HTML, or PDF
  • Create user defined personal ledgers
  • Real time batch transaction processing
  • Drill down to aging detail
  • Create income statements, balance sheets, and financial briefs
General Ledger
  • Automatic repeating journal entries
  • Automatic accruals, reversals, and prepayments
  • Drill down to transaction level detail
  • Create multiple user defined G/L accounts
  • Multi-level hierarchical company consolidations
Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Detailed inventory transaction history
  • Multiple warehouse and bin location tracking
Online Customer Care
Order entry
  • Streamlined backorder tracking
  • Purchase order/RMA tracking
  • Profit margin protection
  • Real time integration with G/L
  • Toner tracking
  • Cutting edge business modeling tools
  • Robust business dashboards for finances, service and other vital areas of operation
  • Profitability analysis
  • Microsoft SQL and ODBC Compliant
  • Fully graphical
  • Powerful multi-level reporting capabilities
  • Integrated runtime for Crystal Reports
  • Export reports to Microsoft® Excel, Word, Adobe® Acrobat® or HTML formats
  • System auditing
  • Flexible security options
Service Dispatch & Management
  • Call scheduling
  • Tech performance
  • MapPoint integration
  • Service profitability analysis
  • Service history analysis
  • Priority call management

Vendor management
  • Vendor and customer RMA functions
Wireless Integration with Remote Devices
  • Wireless bar code gun for Inventory Transfers, PO Receipts, and Machine Custody Management


Cutting Edge Reporting

With the industry’s most advanced reporting, La Crosse can be the silver bullet for so many of your business goals: retaining at-risk accounts, selling more product, getting the most out of your resources, your inventory, your staff, etc.

  • Microsoft SQL and ODBC compliant
  • Powerful multi-division financial reporting – advanced capabilities that support multiple financial divisions within a single database
  • Integrated runtime for Crystal Reports
  • Export reports to Microsoft® Excel, Word, Adobe® Acrobat® or HTML formats
  • Business intelligence dashboards – offering at-a-glance reporting on all vital areas of your operation: contracts, service, metering data, sales data and more. See full-sized screens in our La Crosse gallery.
Advanced Security

In a country where fraud and theft cost employers over $70 billion annually, security is critical to overall success. With full system reporting/auditing, enhanced login protection and an ironclad audit trail, your business will never be at risk again with La Crosse.

Real-Time Batch Transaction Processing

La Crosse allows you to process transactions as they happen, which translates to fewer tedious end-of-day and end-of-month tasks.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

A user-friendly interface and flexible workflow make your daily system use fast, intuitive, and error-free.

  • Universal graphical interface
  • Native Microsoft® Windows® application
  • Multi-tiered architecture for efficient administration
  • Intuitive navigation and workflow
  • All modules completely integrated for dynamic data processing (something no provider but ECi offers)
Unique Features

La Crosse sets itself apart from the competition with these unique features:

  • Track multiple meters per serialized machine
  • Integrated runtime for Crystal Reports
  • Assign multiple service codes per call
  • View technician call totals and schedules
  • Stock items in multiple bins in the same warehouse
  • Real-time batch transaction processing (fewer end-of-month tasks)
  • Customized income statements, balance sheets and financial briefs
  • Multiple contracts per machine
  • Bill contracts in groups with unlimited quantity breaks
  • Predetermine multiple levels of rate increases at the time of contract setup
  • Soft and hard margin profit protection
  • Shipping carrier tracking

Advanced Options

ECi offers a number of options and advanced tools that expand the capabilities of the La Crosse system.

E-commerce and Online Customer Service
  • ECinteractive, the premier web storefront for office products sales, delivers an Amazon-quality e-commerce experience to your customers. Build customer-specific pricing online, host your complete catalog online to boost sales, give customers access to their order status and complete account history and more (ECinteractive doubles as a 24-hour customer service center on the Web). In all, ECinteractive offers everything you need to build a profitable sideline in consumables – and give your customers a valuable service that others can't match.
  • eLa Crosse, a powerful solution for online customer service and e-commerce, allows you to offer your customers a web portal to log service calls, enter meter readings, order supplies and more — all online and at their convenience. When readings are due, our eMeter Mailing software automatically generates email reminders, which link customers to a web page pre-configured for their machines. This allows you to offer your customers a unique service — while eliminating the labor and costs associated with phoning or faxing each customer individually.
Bar Coding

La Crosse Bar Coding allows you to print labels on your items and scan them into your inventory under appropriate warehouses and bins. You can easily import information to a bar code table, compare scanned items and adjust any inventory variances if necessary.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business Intelligence Dashboards offer at-a-glance reporting on all vital areas of your operation: contracts, service, metering data, sales data, and more — all available on demand, in easily comprehensible charts and graphs.

Contract Freight and Fuel Surcharges

Contract Freight and Fuel Surcharges allow you to charge freight on contract invoices up front, either by specific dollar amount or percentage of meter-charge. The net effect is an increase in revenue that adds healthy padding to your margin.

Credit Card Processing

La Crosse Credit Card Processing allows you to process secure credit card transactions directly through the order entry module.

Document Storage and Retrieval

La Crosse's Image Store feature allows you to attach and store any number of documents or scanned images to your records for reference.

Leasing Integration

This time-saving feature allows you to run Base Download and Meter Download reports, and send contract invoice information over the web to finance providers including U.S. Bankcorp, Wells Fargo, Great American Leasing Corporation and GE Capital Leasing Corporation. These providers then bill your customers for base and billing overage charges and collect lease and/or maintenance payments for your dealership.

Multi-Division Financial Reporting

La Crosse Financial Statement Reporting is a powerful tool for financial statements, with advanced capabilities that support multiple financial divisions within a single database.

Online Meter Reading

No Touch Meter Collection enables you to streamline meter reading collections. It can be integrated with device management programs for copiers and products manufactured by Sharp, Konica Minolta, Compass Print Tracker and FM Audit.

Report Scheduler

Night Auditor™ is a free scheduling tool that works with La Crosse to run scheduled SQL procedures and Crystal Reports during your off-hours – and export results to a variety of formats (PDF, Excel Extended, and more).

Sales Force Automation

Sales Raptor™ is a CRM solution designed to simplify your prospecting tasks and give your sales team an advantage at the conference table. Sales Raptor automates all prospecting activities so that your reps are always on time and on target, with complete background info on their prospect. And with remote desktop connect, Raptor becomes a mobile access agent, providing your reps with real-time access to information on equipment, accounts, contracts, etc., as well as a remote terminal for entering orders in the field.

System Requirements

Operating System and Database Compatibility

Chart of Compatible Operating Systems and Databases >>

La Crosse Minimum Hardware Specifications

  • Less than 20 users

SQL Server (Not primary login server)

  • Processors: Minimum Dual 3.00GHz Dual-Core Processors
  • Memory: Minimum 4GB
  • Operating System: Windows Server® 2003 R2, Enterprise Edition (unless you get SQL Enterprise)
  • CD/DVD Drive: 24X IDE CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive
  • HD Configuration:
    • Raid 1 w/15K drives (for OS/Application) Raid 10 w/15K drives (for database, and logs)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition (unless you get Enterprise OS)
    • Crystal Reports 2008

La Crosse Full Client

  • Minimum Pentium IV 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional
  • CD/DVD Drive: CD ROM Drive
  • Hard Drive: Minimum 4 GB free drive space
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 resolution
  • Network Adapter: Minimum 100 MB NIC
Additional Items Needed
  • VPN Capability
Optional Items
  • SAN (Storage Area Network)
  • Requires controller in App/Plex server with at least 2 Int/Ext Channels.
  • RAID 10 drive arrays to be configured. Minimum (8) 36 GB 15K drives
Optional ISS Server for eLa Crosse ecommerce, eMeter Emailing, and Online Invoicing
  • Minimum 2GHz processor
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • 18 GB hard drive space with redundancy
  • Windows 2000 (IIS 5.0) or 2003 Server (IIS 6.0)
  • .NET 2.0 Framework or higher

ECi LaCrosse Management System - Office Equipment Management Software - Service Management Software


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