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ECi Software for Office Products Dealers

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For over 30 years, the DDMS business system has set the industry standard for office products management software.

The reason is simple: DDMS was designed by dealers for dealers. Its comprehensive feature set was developed by people with years of hands on experience in the industry, working under the guidance of dozens of office products dealers. As a result, DDMS offers everything that an independent dealer needs to succeed in today’s changing market.

With an integrated Web storefront and Internet-based purchasing, DDMS is a complete order-to-cash management solution. It can help you market your business to new customers, purchase more efficiently, manage your warehouse, and streamline delivery processes – as well as automate core business functions like order entry, inventory, and accounting.

And for dealers who sell more than just office supplies, DDMS can also manage sales of business equipment, contract furniture, jan/san, beverage and break room supplies and other types of products, eliminating the costs and complexity of redundant software packages.

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  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger (supports multiple locations)

Order Entry

  • Commercial order entry module
  • Retail POS module
  • Quotes
  • Consolidated billing
  • Corporate accounts
  • Credit card processing


  • Real-time, multi-location inventory control
  • Real-time wholesaler stock checks
  • Inventory reports
  • Supports the O/PUS item database from Trade Service


  • 360° view of company operations
  • Real-time business metrics
  • Track profitability of customers, products, contracts, groups and employees
  • Contract management and analysis
  • Pricing analysis for customer, vendor and employee records
  • Monitor financial performance against budget
  • Flexible security settings



  • Internet purchasing with wholesalers, manufacturers and buying groups


  • Comprehensive management and financial reporting
  • SQL databases for easy data export and analysis

Sales & Marketing

  • Salesperson commissions and incentives
  • Customer purchase tracking
  • Customer quality metrics
  • Identify and segment customer groups
  • Targeted sales campaigns

Warehouse Management

  • Picking, shipping and delivery manifests
  • Unlimited item bins
  • Route management
  • Interface for third party shipping software (Clipper, FedEx, UPS, etc.)

Optional Features

Web Storefront Options for Internet Sales

ECinteractive is a Web storefront designed to give dealers a competitive advantage in online sales. The solution uses next-generation technology like AJAX and SQL to create a sleek, intuitive user-experience. Features include a comprehensive catalog search, purchasing controls and tight integration with the DDMS business system.

Office Equipment Module

  • Machine Order Entry Module
  • Service Work Orders
  • Service Call Monitor
  • Dispatching
  • Machine Detail
  • Accessory Management
  • Rental, Lease, and Demo Units
  • Technician Car Stock
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Equipment Depreciation
  • Workforce Tracking and Analysis
  • Remote Dispatching Option for Field Service

Office Furniture Module

  • Commercial Furniture Order Entry Module
  • .sif File Import
  • Project Management
  • Customer Deposits
  • Vendor Deposits
  • GSA Order Tracking and Invoicing
  • Delivery and Installation Tickets

Credit Card Processing

Approval Link 4.0 is a credit card processing solution that is fully integrated with the DDMS system. This solution from NET1 Payment Solutions provides fast, efficient credit card processing over the Web — usually at a significantly lower cost.

And to enhance benefits from Approval Link 4.0, ECi and NET1 recently joined forces to create the Partner Program: a free credit processing consultation service for office products dealers. With a complimentary audit of your service plan and processing rates as low as .95%, the Partner Program offers dealers a chance to improve margins business-wide. For more information on the Partner Plan and its benefits, contact Kasey Alexander of NET1 at .

Business Intelligence

Acsellerate® is an Internet-based sales intelligence solution that offers owners, managers and sales/marketing professionals new insight into their business activities. Acsellerate mines the data in the DDMS system, linking customer activities to transactions for a clearer understanding of business activity and profit margins. In effect, Acsellerate pinpoints low-margin items and at-risk accounts to help you sell more — and make higher margins on every sale.

Custom Programming

DDMS' extensive preference and option settings enable most companies to use the system without custom programming. However, some businesses may need specialized software designed to meet specific business requirements or optimized for a unique operational flow.

ECi can alter or enhance existing product functionality – or develop completely new applications – to match your company’s needs. Projects can be as simple as a unique report customized for your company, or as complex as a complete new business system application. ECi offers custom programming to meet the needs of wholesalers, buying groups and manufacturers as well as individual dealers, distributors and resellers.

For more information on custom programming services for ECi’s DDMS business systems or related products, contact Sales at (866) 374-3221, or e-mail .


When you need help with your DDMS systems and storefronts, take advantage of our DDMS support system’s customer portal at support.ECiSolutions.com to request assistance from your friendly DDMS Technical Support Team.

The customer portal does not replace your DDMS support team, who still operate during normal business hours. The portal simply:

  • Provides you with best-in-class, convenient access to support for your ECi software.
  • Consolidates in one secure place all ticket-related attachments, conversations between techs and customers, and linked development issues.
  • Streamlines the way you manage your support tickets, and make access to your issues transparent.

Business Hours

DDMS Technical Support is available during regular business hours in Fort Worth, Texas, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time.

24/7 Support Services are available on a billable basis outside of regular business hours, 7 days a week.

Holiday Closures

ECi facilities will close on the nearest weekday to observe the following U.S. national holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Days (Thursday and Friday)
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

E-mail Addresses

  • ECi Technical Support:
  • O/PUS Technical Support:
  • BPIR Download Support:
  • KeyOps Newsletter Comments:
  • Documentation Corrections:

To update your company’s address, phone, fax, keyop contact information, or company name in our records (Please include your correct e-mail address, company name, account number and phone number for validation purposes):

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Phone Numbers

  • Toll-Free: 800-366-4778
  • Phone: 682-831-0827
  • Fax: 682- 831-9919

Shipping Address

To ship hardware or other items to ECi Technical Support, please use the following address:

ECi Technical Support
eCommerce Industries, Inc.
4400 Alliance Gateway Frwy, Suite 154
Fort Worth, TX 76177


Accounting and Remittance are handled by ECi headquarters.

To contact ECi Accounting:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 800-959-3373

To Remit Payment to ECi, please use the following address:

eCommerce Industries, Inc.
PO Box 200164
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-0164


DDMS Training Classes

ECi offers training classes for both new and existing DDMS users. Individual classes focus on specific topics and may include hands-on practice with the DDMS software. These classes are typically held at ECi’s Fort Worth, Texas facility.

These classes are the perfect training opportunity for:

  • Dealers who are new to the DDMS system
  • Dealers who are preparing to convert from text-based to graphical applications
  • Dealers who want to use the graphical Order Entry, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable applications
  • Dealers who want to learn Report Writer
  • Dealers who want to learn period-end procedures, including Day End, Month End, Year End and O/PUS

Software training on ECi products is also available at our regional and national users meetings.

While no DDMS training classes are currently scheduled for the remainder of 2008, be sure be sure to check our site regularly to see if additional classes have been announced. We regularly add classes to the schedule in response to customer demand.

You can also e-mail and request Personalized Remote Training or On-site Training on a specific topic.

DDMS Virtual Classroom Training

Training is essential for a successful software implementation, but travel costs and time away from your business can be significant obstacles — especially when you want to provide training for a large number of employees.

ECi’s Internet-based Virtual Classrooms provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom training. Class content is displayed via the Internet, while you interact with the instructor and the other students over the telephone.

Benefits include:

  • No travel or lodging costs
  • Minimal time investment – attend live classes without leaving your desk
  • Watching software demonstrations while interacting with the trainer and other students
  • Asking questions in real time
  • Hearing other student’s questions and comments

Virtual Product Training

ECi offers general product orientation/overview classes designed for new and beginning DDMS customers, as well as more in-depth training on DDMS and related ECi software applications. Currently, Virtual Classroom training for DDMS customers is available for the following products:

DDMS Onsite Training

For most people, face-to-face instruction is still the most effective training option. ECi can provide personalized DDMS training right at your site with a curriculum personalized to your specific objectives and business requirements.

This type of training can be especially effective for larger companies who need to train multiple employees. Conduct formal classes for your employees right at your site to minimize business disruptions, or have the consultant give individualized instruction to specific employees in key areas of your company.

Onsite training offers other advantages as well. In addition to conducting classes, trainers can:

  • Assist with software implementation
  • Configure software applications to meet your business needs
  • Integrate new software applications with your existing business practices
  • Demonstrate how to use specific software features

To get more information about onsite training, or to schedule training for your company, contact Sales at (866) 374-3221, or e-mail .

System Requirements

ECi DDMS® is a very powerful and versatile business system. To get the most out of it, you need computer hardware that can handle the demands you’ll place on the system, and give you reliable, efficient performance.

You have two options:

  • Purchase cloud hosting through ECiCloud for DDMS®, and let us take care of your servers
  • Maintain your own server on your premises

Your staff can access DDMS applications using Windows 7 Pro PCs and laptops, Android tablets, or iPads.

To discuss the best hardware solution for your business with an ECi expert, please complete the form below.

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Learn more about what ECi DDMS software can do for office product dealers, and schedule a demo. Learn More >>

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DDMS: Built by Dealers, for Dealers

ECi has several advisory groups, composed of dealers like you, who help ensure that your software meets today's challenges.

Contact the DDMS Customer Advisory Group

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ECi works with prominent industry partners to meet your needs.