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ECinteractive Ecommerce Software - ECi GoVideo - promote your ecommerce web siteFor a significant advantage in competing for online business, ECinteractive is ECi’s next generation Web storefront application, tightly integrated with DDMS®, OMD®, LaCrosse™ and Advantage™.

ECinteractive offers your customers a user-friendly design, powerful features for refined search, strategic sourcing, personalized item lists and favorites, budget or contract purchasing controls, approval accountability, and account management. Implementation is a breeze as dealers fly through setup wizards, data import tools, and robust synchronization with your business system.

We really didn't have to train the customer…they said it was very user-friendly.

“We really didn't have to train the customer,” said Ed Copeland, systems administrator of Keeton’s Office Supply Co., Inc. in Bradenton, FL. Keeton’s was the first dealership to get a live customer order on ECinteractive. “I just gave the customer the user name and password for the [DDMS®] account,” Copeland said. "The customer found the order on hold in ECinteractive, and added it right to their cart. When I followed up, they said it was very user-friendly.”

World-Class Search Features Make Buying Easier for Your Customers

ECi worked closely with S.P. Richards and United Stationers to provide greatly enhanced search capabilities. United Stationers SmartSearch and S.P.Richards' Enhanced Content both let dealers offer their customers significantly better search capabilities. Benefits include powerful new search refinements to locate the best product choices, expanded categories to aid catalog browsing, and other shopping features such as side-by-side product comparisons and richer product detail. Product selling points, detailed attributes, warranty information, and alternative product choices will aid purchasers in making educated buying decisions.

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User-Friendly Design

  • Everything about ECinteractive is designed to make Web shopping fast and easy
  • Customer-driven navigation draws shopper attention to commonly used features
  • Shopping flow balances a rich featureset with a clear path to checkout
  • Comprehensive email notifications and confirmations
  • Context-sensitive online help is available as needed

Powerful Catalog Search and Shopping

  • Browse by catalog category with dynamic subcategory displays
  • Search by keyword and/or attributes — manufacturer, recycled, minority produced, dated goods, etc.
  • Dynamic search refinements from wholesaler catalogs help shoppers find exactly what they need
  • Results include matching categories and top-selling items
  • Fast display of search results
  • QuickOrder by item number if known to create an order or favorites list
  • Shop from favorites lists, laundry lists of previously purchased items, order history, machine-matched supplies, and partner customization sites

Personalization and Account Management

  • Guests may complete orders with a credit card and an email address for order confirmation
  • Registered accounts enjoy favorites, machine matching, laundry lists, saved orders, budgets, charge account, online invoice payment, and may qualify for special pricing contracts
  • Self-Registration options balance building high-touch relationships with winning prospects fast
  • Login options and security questions make password reset easy
  • Large accounts have the option to administer their own departmental users with the same user-friendly setup wizards dealers use

Strategic Purchasing Controls

  • Enforce strategic (green or minority) sourcing initiatives through contracts
  • Control spend by defining account, department, or individual budgets, item limits, and/or dollar limits
  • Enforce accountability in purchasing with complex or simple hierarchies of approval
  • Approvers can add reasons/comments to denied orders or line items, or correct and submit
  • Approvers can assign a substitute when out of office

State-of-the-Art Technology

We’re utilizing the most current Web technology, including AJAX, SQL databases and the Microsoft® .NET programming framework. We encrypt all pages with sensitive account and transaction data.

System Requirements

To connect your server to ECinteractive, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You will need appropriate communication hardware (a modem, router, etc.) on your server.
  • Work with your telephone company and an Internet service provider to set up:
    • A dedicated Internet connection
    • A static IP address
  • You must have at least one e-mail account to receive customer feedback from the links on your ECinteractive site.
  • You will need to contact us to activate your site. While hosting services for your Web storefront are included in your monthly fee, there will be a modest, one-time fee to cover the costs of setting up your new Web site.

For more details, see our Ecommerce FAQs.

Partner Integrations

ECinteractive integrates with a host of industry partners that help improve business efficiency:

  • Jumptech provides an inventory scanner that automatically uploads information for easy purchase orders
  • Mead Westvaco Microsite lets you sell their calendars and planners on your site
  • HP Purchase Edge loyalty program awards customers points when HP products are purchased
  • HP Supplies Finder helps consumers shop specifically for HP products
  • United Smart Search eContent
  • SPR Enhanced eContent
  • Provide Support live chat for instant technical support when you need it

ECinteractive Ecommerce Software - Office Products Ecommerce - Web Storefront Software

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