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ServiceTrak™ is designed for
Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC.

ServiceTrak™ Mobile Dispatching

Give your service technicians remote, wireless access to schedules, pricing, and information on customers, contracts and machines.

Dispatch and close calls, monitor your service department's call load, and more!

Field Service Productivity

ServiceTrak provides field service technicians with real-time access to service call and customer information. Technicians can complete calls and receive new assignments electronically before they even leave a customer's site, eliminating burdensome paperwork.

  • View service calls or drill down for additional detail about customers or contracts
  • Cancel or reschedule service calls from the field
  • Record and upload service call information, including arrival and departure times, problem and solution codes, meter readings, and parts used.
  • Scan bar codes to record parts used.

Service Department Efficiency

  • Reduce paperwork and eliminate redundant data entry tasks, increasing overall service department efficiency.
  • Dispatchers receive immediate confirmation when technicians accept call assignments
  • Service managers can view all dispatched and undispatched calls from virtually any location
  • Uploads completed calls to your DDMS® business system in real time
  • Improves technician accountability with tracking of arrival and departure times, mileage, etc.

Web-Based Dispatching

ServiceTrak is fully integrated with ECi’s DDMS machines and equipment edition. Service call and customer data are exchanged between field technicians and your DDMS business system in real time via the Internet. Technicians dispatch and complete calls using a simple Web browser interface. Completed calls are uploaded to DDMS, eliminating the need to re-key information and reducing the potential for data entry errors.

Laptop or Pocket PC Platform

ServiceTrak uses a Microsoft® Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC or a laptop running Microsoft Windows 98 or later. The software suports all types of Internet access, including Wi-Fi and conventional network connections, as well as the integrated cellular phones available in many Pocket PCs. Advantages over standard cellular phone-based solutions include larger display screens, simplified data entry using a stylus or keyboard instead of a telephone keypad, and access to other mobile productivity applications.

Bar Coding Saves Time!

With an optional bar-code scanner, like an SDIO IN-Hand Scan Card from Socket, your technicians will save time, improve their efficiency, and reduce the number of errors made when entering part information.

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