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RoutePerfect™ Delivery Route Optimization

ECi RoutePerfect Delivery Route Optimization - Delivery Software - Route Planner SoftwareFuel, driver labor, route planning…if your business includes deliveries, you know that managing these costs has a direct impact on your company’s overall profitability. With RoutePerfect, delivery routing and management have never been easier.

Optimizing routes saves time and fuel, but manually plotting and changing static route sequences can add to your overall labor costs. RoutePerfect makes it easy to optimize routes on a daily basis for maximum delivery efficiency.

  • Fine tune routes for shortest distance or time, lowering your real cost per delivery
  • Quickly rebalance overloaded or understaffed routes, accommodating emergency deliveries or construction
  • Change routes without sacrificing management control — even after you build a manifest
  • Improve customer satisfaction by making more timely deliveries
  • Automatically optimize multiple routes at once

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Map Routes

RoutePerfect automatically maps delivery routes, even when a route has been changed. You can also set preferred delivery times for individual customers; the software will alert you if a scheduled delivery falls outside the specified time window.

Capacity Planning

RoutePerfect can alert you with up to five separate capacity settings to quickly identify overloaded trucks.

Optimize Routes by Time or Distance

RoutePerfect’s route optimization features let you set delivery schedules by the quickest path or the least number of miles. Optimize routes individually or plot multiple routes at once.

Import Existing Manifests

RoutePerfect imports manifests or delivery tickets from your system. You can also import United Stationers and S.P. Richards electronic manifest piece counts.

Balance Workloads

With RoutePerfect, it’s easy to change routes or deliveries to accommodate emergency deliveries or absent drivers — even after the manifest is built. Just click and drag deliveries from one route to another. The software automatically records your changes.

Avoid Slowdowns, Construction, Etc.

RoutePerfect helps you avoid delays due to road construction, heavy traffic, etc. Simply mark an area on the route map and RoutePerfect plots a new optimized route that avoids the problem area.

Print Manifests

RoutePerfect’s manifest printing feature allows you to print manifests by truck, route or both – even reverse manifests for the most efficient loading.

Print Maps and Directions

RoutePerfect generates maps, driving directions or strip maps (maps and driving directions on one page). When last-minute changes are made to routes, updated maps are available immediately.


  • Lowers your delivery costs
  • Maximizes the efficiency of your delivery trucks and drivers
  • Integrates with ECi's RouteTrak™ proof of delivery system for a complete delivery management solution
  • Simplifies route management
  • Dynamic route and sequencing capabilities make it easy to optimize routes on a daily basis
  • Quickly change routes without sacrificing management control even after you build a manifest
  • Compatible with your existing accounting or business management software
  • Transforms your delivery operations into a competitive advantage

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® MapPoint software (must be purchased separately)
  • PC for RoutePerfect and MapPoint
  • Pentium 4 processor – 2.8 GHz or higher
    • 512 MB of RAM
    • CD-ROM drive
    • 10 GB available hard drive space
    • Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor
    • Serial port or TCP/IP network connection
    • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or XP Professional

(Specifications support up to 10 handheld units. For installations greater than 10 units, consult your sales representative.

ECi RoutePerfect Delivery Route Optimization - Delivery Software - Route Planner Software

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