Total Cloud-based Business Management Solution

ECi DDMSPLUS has been the industry-leading business management software solution of choice for independent office product dealers for more than 35 years. Powering next-generation growth, our long experience in the Office Products Industry means that we are able to anticipate future needs that keep our customers competitive!
ECi DDMSPLUS is a comprehensive system that includes order management, purchasing, inventory, AR/AP, customer/employee/business management tools, business/sales analytics, reporting, and sales marketing/management.  In addition, e-commerce solutions, modules to manage office equipment and furniture, delivery management tools, fleet management tools, server backup services and surveillance tools are available that fully integrate with DDMSPLUS. ECi DDMSPLUS is designed to run your business using one system instead of relying on several software packages to perform different tasks.
DDMSPLUS is the most comprehensive cloud-based software available in the industry for dealers who:

  • Need to streamline processes
  • Grow into multiple verticals or services
  • Need more software functionality

With its robust feature set and cross-industry functionality, DDMSPLUS next generation software embodies our commitment to incorporating proven best practices across all of the industries that we serve, as well as over 30 years of experience in delivering growth-empowering technology. All system modules are fully integrated, saving time and eliminating redundant data entry.
DDMSPLUS features:

  • Vault integration for credit cards through Sage eliminates the need for DDMSPLUS to obtain PADSS certification. PCI compliance or PADSS certification as it relates to your specific business is your responsibility. Consult IT and data security specialists and legal counsel to gain a better understanding of obligations with respect to PCI Compliance.
  • The software is built upon modern technologies utilizing a SQL database, while retaining its rich feature set. This ensures stability and supportability over the next 10+ years.
  • Removes legacy developmental restrictions to deliver increased functionality at a lower cost and quicker time to market.
  • Removes many of the layers required by DDMS to transfer data, therefore increasing performance and stability.
  • The cloud solution gives the dealers improved performance, increased up time, greater scalability, predictable costs. It also removes IT barriers for maintaining the server.

Visit the DDMSPLUS website to learn more.