Software for Janitorial/Sanitary and Industrial Paper Distributors


Customers expect more these days—better pricing, online ordering, and faster delivery. They also have more choices—superstores, price clubs, and resellers from other industries are all adding jan/san items to their product mix. Meanwhile, you’re facing increased competition and higher costs throughout the supply chain.

How do you compete? Successful distributors are leveraging technology to simplify their operations and improve service levels while reducing internal costs.

With more than 20 years of experience in automating jan/san and industrial paper distributors, ECi offers a choice of distribution management software and e-commerce solutions to help you improve operational efficiency and overall profitability.

More than just generic accounting packages, ECi systems can help you market your company to new customers, manage rebates, and maintain MSDS-DOT compliance, as well as automate back office operations like bookkeeping and inventory—all without the cost of a massive enterprise system.

We also offer mobile salesperson technology and integrated delivery management solutions that extend the cost-saving benefits of process automation and improved management control all the way to your customers’ locations.

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