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Welcome to the ECi Customer Support Portal

What the Customer Support Portal Can Do for You

This portal currently supports DDMS and ECinteractive users. It will soon support users of other ECi business systems. You can use this site to:

  • Login for secure access to support information.
  • Create new support tickets for software assistance or updates.
  • Attach files to help troubleshooting (screen shots, pick dumps, and parts of log files).
  • View your current and past support tickets (back to Dec. 16, 2007), including who was assigned to a ticket and its status (open, closed, and so on).
  • Look up ticket details or update the status of a ticket, and mark as resolved if you find the answer on your own.
  • Add notes to a Web conversation, which you can use instead of email to more efficiently track communications related to a ticket.
  • Look up the status of software issues we've turned over to development that are linked to your support tickets.

ECi Customer Support Portal - ECi Customer Support Online - ECi Customer Support Login

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