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At ECi, our customers are an important part of our development team. For over 30 years they have helped keep our products at the forefront of the industries we serve, offering suggestions for new features and working closely with our development staff to ensure that our software meets the real-world needs of our customers.

We offer multiple channels for submitting enhancement requests, including users meetings and our unique customer advisory groups. These advisory groups meet periodically meetings with ECi management to discuss and prioritize proposed enhancements.

Involving customers throughout the design process ensures that our development efforts remain aligned with our customers needs. The advisory group members and other customer volunteers often serve on special task forces, working closely with product managers and programmers to design new applications. In addition, new features are frequently previewed at our regional and national users meetings so that other customers can offer comments and suggestions for additional improvements.

Customer Support

The ECi Support area provides support-related information for various ECi products, including support contacts and links to existing technical support information.

Customer Advisory Groups

ECi has several advisory groups in place for our back office business systems, Web storefronts and other products. These groups work closely with ECi product managers and senior staff, representing the concerns of our user communities as a whole and helping us improve our products for the benefit of all of our customers.


ECi makes training a core element of our product implementation methodology. We also offer additional training services in a variety of formats for both new and existing customers. For more information on the training options for your software, please see the Training and Support sections on the individual product pages:

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