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Fluoresco Lighting & Signs to Implement ECi M1 in All Facilities

Fort Worth, TX — Tuesday, July 13, 2010: ECi Software Solutions (ECi), a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, announced today that Fluoresco Lighting & Signs will implement ECi’s M1 manufacturing ERP software in all of its facilities. Fluoresco is one of the acknowledged leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and retrofitting of lighting systems and electrical signs.
“We are excited to expand our partnership with Fluoresco,” says Mike Gibson, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales for ECi. “Through leveraging the strength and efficiencies of ECi’s M1 solution, it’s allowed Fluoresco to continue its strong growth. Fluoresco will be able to integrate all its locations seamlessly onto M1 with little business disruption. M1 continues to prove its ability to scale with our valued customers as they grow from start-ups to manufacturing companies to large multi-national operations.”

ECi M1 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, providing total integration and automation from quoting through invoicing. It is specifically designed for manufacturers of all sizes and complexities to help improve processes which will save time, resources and money. One of the most important things for a manufacturer is the ability to give customers accurate cost estimates. M1 helps them do this, while driving efficiencies into the entire business.

“M1 will work well for Fluoresco,” says Chuck Finzer, Fluoresco’s Chief Operating Officer. “The wide range of operational modules provided by the software will allow for a smooth flow of data between the departments. This smooth flow will allow for a true exchange of data and will provide accurate snapshots of the company on a daily basis. The software will eliminate numerous man-hours on a daily basis while providing accurate data for decision making at every level of the company. We anticipate an efficiency increase of around 20% just by implementing the product, in comparison to our current mode of operation.”

About Fluoresco Lighting & Signs

Since 1961, Fluoresco Lighting & Signs has provided industry-leading design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services. Through 11 offices in the West and over 600 contractors coast-to-coast, Fluoresco combines well-tested national experience with local expertise. Fluoresco is a family-owned business. For more information, visit www.fluoresco.com.

About ECi

The ECi Software Solutions family of companies provides business and e-commerce solutions, offering on-premise and cloud-based technologies. For 30+ years, ECi companies have served the manufacturing, office equipment, office supplies, contract office furniture, lumber and building materials, hardware and jan/san sectors. Privately held, ECi is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, with offices and companies throughout the U.S., Australia, England and the Netherlands. For more information, email , visit www.ECiSolutions.com, or call (800) 959-3367.

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