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ECi Customers

We do more than provide software to run businesses; we help you compete.

Customer Focused

Our goal at ECi is to help you compete in the marketplace so that you can profitably grow your business. Having the right technology is the key to being competitive. We are industry experts who help you select the right technology for your needs. And our support doesn't stop there—ECi provides ongoing training on software and many aspects of running a business, from HR to process improvement and more. 

Building & Construction

[Spruce AnyWare] takes it so you don’t have to be in the office, you can take Spruce … anywhere with you.”


“ECinteractivePLUS gave us so much more in the way of customization and branding opportunities."

Field & IT Service

I really do feel like e-automate is a strong product for service industries; there’s so much in the software that’s applicable for companies with technicians out in the field servicing.”


[M1 allows us] to respond to problems instantaneously instead from a report run months later. It’s good for the company, good for the culture; it’s been great for everyone.”

The Everyday Hero Award

Everyday Hero

Every day at ECi, we hear stories about how our customers are going above and beyond to help others in their communities. The ECi Everyday Hero Award was created to honor those individuals or companies that are giving back and making a difference.

Watch the videos of the past two years’ finalists and winners and be inspired.

2016 Winner and Finalists


    Doug Vaughn:
    Rite Quality Office Supplies, Inc.

    Everyday Hero Winner


    Bev Truran:
    Data MetalCraft, Inc.

    Everyday Hero Finalist


    Adam and Marci Prose:
    Bailey Office Equipment

    Everyday Hero Finalist

2015 Winner and Finalists


    Fred Bilffert:
    Bliffert Lumber

    Everyday Hero Winner


    John Martin
    Optimum System Products

    Everyday Hero Finalist


    Tonnya Jensen
    Quality Connections

    Everyday Hero Finalist

Mission Statement

We are industry experts supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and profitable growth of small and medium sized enterprises.

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